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Hungry for Climate Justice: Second Annual Climate Fast Begins September 21

September 19, 2013

A group of faith-based climate justice activists heads to Parliament Hill this Saturday for a fast bringing attention to the need for serious and immediate action on the contributing causes of climate change. They will be there until October 2….

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Nation to Nation Bike Tour: the Movie

August 8, 2013

A video has been produced capturing the beginning of the Nation to Nation Bike Tour, the team’s formative stay in Akwesasne. It allows us to see some of the cultural experiences and speakers who prepared the team for their indigenous…

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Akwesasne Photo Journal

August 7, 2013


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After Lac Mégantic, KAIROS Endorses Call to Review Hydrocarbon Transport

July 23, 2013

In the aftermath of the train derailment and explosion at Lac Mégantic, QC, KAIROS joined 50 environmental, labour, social justice and faith organizations in Canada and the northeastern United States in calling for a comprehensive review of the transport of…

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Partners in Guatemala question proposed moratorium and demand respect for Indigenous rights

July 22, 2013

On June 13, KAIROS signed onto an open letter to Guatemalan President Otto Molina Perez to support the call by Guatemala social movements for his government to revoke a mining license that had been recently granted to Vancouver-based Tahoe Resources….

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Lutherans and Anglicans Issue Joint Declaration on Resource Extraction

July 17, 2013

At their historic Joint Assembly on July 4 and 5, 2013, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada discussed and passed a resolution committing their churches to action on the impacts of resource extraction on…

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Will Obama’s Climate Speech be a Game Changer?

July 9, 2013

On a blistering hot June day in Washington, President Obama delivered a major speech on climate change. Many interpret the event as his attempt to establish a legacy as a progressive leader deeply committed to leaving future generations “a cleaner,…

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Remembering our partner and mentor, Pascal Kabungulu Kibembi

June 25, 2013

On Sunday, June 23, KAIROS delegates to the DRC took part in a ceremonial commemoration of Pascal Kabungulu, the  former Secretary General of KAIROS’ partner organization,  Héritiers de la Justice, based in Bukavu, eastern DRC. Pascal was murdered 8 years…

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Reflecting on the Wabanaki Convergence Ceremony

June 3, 2013

By Coordinator and Elder Alma H. Brooks KAIROS Atlantic and national are honoured to work with Elder Alma Brooks of St Mary’s First Nation. Representatives from the region and the national office were present at a recent sacred ceremony that…

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Wabanaki Water Convergence ceremony

May 28, 2013

This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Fredericton, New Brunswick to participate in the Wabanaki Water Convergence ceremony, which took place where the waters of the Saint John River (WOLASTOQ) converge with the tide’s end.  The importance of…

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Mining in Mexico … Through Canadian Eyes

April 25, 2013

In February 2013, KAIROS network member Janette McIntosh (who is also a Presbyterian appointment to and co-chair of our Ecumenical Circle of Collaboration on Sustainability) represented KAIROS on a delegation to mining-affected communities in Mexico. Her thoughtful reflections on this…

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United Church Launches Petition to Regulate Canadian Mining Companies Overseas

April 25, 2013

As a result of decisions taken at its 41st General Council in August 2012, the United Church of Canada has launched a petition campaign to encourage “the regulation of Canadian mining companies and their practices abroad.” Please consider acting on…

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KAIROS Earth Day Action to Protect Water!

April 22, 2013

Earth Day greetings from KAIROS! Today, as we honour creation, KAIROS asks you to join us in advocating with your MP for the protection of Canada’s waters, and for right relationship with Indigenous peoples. Omnibus bills C-38 and C-45 have…

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Keystone Debate is Heating Up

April 9, 2013

While ecologists and Indigenous peoples are increasing pressure on President Obama to deny a permit to the Keystone XL pipeline, Canadian government and oil industry executives are lobbying hard for its acceptance. This bulletin updates KAIROS’ analysis of the debate…

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“Process Water” Spill at Suncor – More Bad News for Canada’s Water

March 26, 2013

On Tuesday, March 26, Suncor announced that there had been a leak of “process water” (water used in the chemical process of separating bitumen from tar sands) at its tar sands plant north of Fort McMurray. What does this mean…

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Time to Refocus Our Approach to Climate Change: KAIROS Policy Briefing Paper No. 35

March 19, 2013

KAIROS’ newest policy briefing paper, “Time to Refocus Our Approach to Climate Change,” which highlights some of the feasible actions we can take to curb greenhouse gas emission beginning with cancelling plans for new tar sands pipelines, is now available.

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Bottled Water Free Day, March 18

March 11, 2013

KAIROS, its companions and communities, and many of its member churches and organizations have long advocated for the right to clean water. Now, as a part of this commitment, we are inviting you to join in a national day of…

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Alternative Mining Indaba 2013

February 27, 2013

Ian Thomson, KAIROS Program Coordinator for Ecological Justice through Corporate Accountability, represented KAIROS at the Alternative Mining Indaba, held February 3-5 in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, he shares his reflections and news from the Indaba (Zulu for ‘meeting’), including…

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KAIROS Partner Acción Ecólogica Recognized for its Ecological and Community Work

February 14, 2013

KAIROS partner Acción Ecólogica in Ecuador received the prestigious international award, Georgescu-Roegen, for its 25 years of work in defense of nature, the rights of communities and local economies. The prize was granted by the president of the Intergovernmental Panel…

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A Lenten Journey to Justice for the Earth and its People

February 7, 2013

As Lent approaches, KAIROS invites you to reflect your imprint on the earth and all who share it with us.While we have not produced a Lenten resource this year, some “vintage” KAIROS resources can, in the spirit of  sustainability, be…

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A Breakthrough on Financial Transaction Tax, But Still a Long Way to Go

January 29, 2013

A decision by 11 European countries to implement a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT, also known as the “Robin Hood Tax”) constitutes an important victory for tax justice campaigners. Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain…

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Who is the Government of Canada Listening To?

January 22, 2013

A slew of new legislation that undermines both Indigenous rights and environmental protection in Canada points to the fact that the petroleum and pipeline industries have significant influence on the Government of Canada’s legislative agenda. A December 12, 2011 letter…

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KAIROS Victoria Appears Before Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel

January 18, 2013

On January 10, 2013, Susan Draper from the Victoria KAIROS group made an oral presentation to the Joint Review Panel on the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline.  Sharing the concerns of many in the KAIROS network in BC, Susan spoke about…

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Congolese massacre victims denied justice in Anvil Mining lawsuit

January 16, 2013

Two years ago, a group of Congolese citizens launched a class action lawsuit in a Quebec court against Anvil Mining Ltd., alleging that the company was complicit in widespread atrocities committed during an October 2004 raid by the Congolese military…

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Policy Briefing Paper #33 – Signposts for a New Financial Architecture

January 16, 2013

In 2012 KAIROS joined ecumenical partners from around the world in fashioning the São Paulo Statement on International Financial Transformation for the Economy of Life. Briefing Paper No. 33 describes the background for 10 of the key elements contained in…

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Policy Briefing Paper #32 – Tax Reform for Equity and Sustainability

January 16, 2013

Briefing Paper No. 32 summarizes research on tax justice issues that KAIROS prepared for the São Paulo conference. Reform of taxation is a feasible way to reduce ine-quality, fund social programs and finance invest-ments in harmony with Earth‟s ecological carrying…

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Tailings Ponds: A Toxic Legacy for South Brook?

December 20, 2012

A dam breach in the tailings pond of the defunct Gullbridge copper mine in central Newfoundland has reinforced for me that all of our work here at KAIROS is connected.  I often explain KAIROS in a kind of shorthand –…

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An open letter on human rights to the President of the Philippines

December 10, 2012

4 November, 2012 To His Excellency Benigno Simeon Aquino III, Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines Mr. President: KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives unites eleven churches and religious organizations in faithful action for ecological justice and human rights. KAIROS has a long…

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