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Video Playlists: Ecological Justice

For the Love of Creation / Pour l’amour de la création 

An invitation to Canadian faith communities and faith-based organizations to come together under a unified banner to mobilize education, reflection, action and advocacy for climate justice.

Earth Day collaboration with CCC and CPJ

An urgent call for climate action from faith leaders.

 All I want for Christmas is Mining Justice
All I want for Christmas is Mining Justice

Take the KAIROS challenge and make a video selfie saying that all you want for Christmas is mining justice!

Fracking Forums

The forums in Moncton & Vancouver raised the profile of the social, ecological & human rights concerns of Indigenous & non-Indigenous communities across Canada & facilitated action regionally & nationally.

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Miscellaneous Ecological Justice related videos

Video Playlists: Gender Justice

Women of  Courage: Women, Peace and Security

This program is rooted in the understanding that in situations of conflict and post-conflict, women are victimized many times over, through gender inequity, poverty, racism, military conflict, and sexual violence as a strategy of war. At the same time, women and women’s organizations are integral actors in the defense of human rights and in processes for peace, justice and reparations. KAIROS works with partners in Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Israel/Palestine, the Philippines and South Sudan to end gender based violence in militarized conflict and to increase the participation of women in peacebuilding processes at all levels.

Gendered Impacts of Resource Extraction (série aussi disponible en français)

Indigenous women offer perspectives on resource extraction that often are not heard or understood when evaluating a project’s risks and benefits, or when tracking its long term social and environmental impacts.

Honouring Indigenous Women’s Wisdom

Indigenous women from Canada to Guatemala to the Philippines: Honouring Indigenous Women’s Wisdom was recognized as an official side event at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII).

photos of webinar speakers.
Annexation, COVID-19 & Palestine

Two-hour webinar separated into individual presentations.

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Stand alone gender justice videos that do not fit in any other playlist

Video Playlists: Indigenous Rights

 Covenant Chainlink
Covenant Chain Link

Since 2010, the Covenant Chain Link annual event has brought together Indigenous & non-Indigenous peoples to build relationships based on the Covenant Chain principles of peace, friendship and mutual respect.

I am a Witness

An evening of solidarity with the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society & the Assembly of First Nations on the eve of final arguments before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

KAIROS Blanket Exercise

KAIROS Canada’s most popular interactive teaching tool. Learn the Indigenous history you were never taught.

Press Conference

Churches & faith groups are responding to TRC Call to Action #48 in different ways, with statements by their specific community, & through ecumenical statements.

Time for Reconciliation, KAIROS Gathering

KAIROS gathered in Ottawa to hear the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report, May 29-June 3, 2015, and to take action towards a new relationship.

Winds of Change campaign: Education for Reconciliation actions

KAIROS and the Legacy of Hope Foundation agree with the TRC that education is the key to reconciliation. A few videos to introduce the campaign and ongoing updates.

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Indigenous Rights (all videos)
World Social Forum Logo
World Social Forum

The World Social Forum (WSF) is an international gathering of civil society groups working for social, economic and ecological justice.

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Stand alone Indigenous rights videos that do not fit in any other playlist

Video Playlists: Migrant Justice

migrants speak
Migrants Speak

Giving voice to the struggles & dreams of migrant workers.

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Webinar series on migrant justice issues.

Video Playlists: Reflections & other videos

KAIROS Executive Director

Presentations & KAIROS messages from our Executive Director.

 regional gathering
KAIROS Regional Gatherings

Connect with a group near you.

We Are Still Here: Five years after funding cuts

Five years to the day after the CIDA funding cut, the KAIROS community gathered on November 30th, 2014, to celebrate its resilience.


Media Training & other training webinars.

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Stand alone miscellaneous videos that do not fit in any other playlist