KAIROS’ commitment to gender justice is shaped by the experience and wisdom of partners.  


KAIROS is committed to the full equality and equity of women, men, girls and boys in diverse identities, roles and spheres of their life. Gender justice is a critical overarching goal in all KAIROS’ work and is seen as an essential element in the pursuit of inclusivity, democratic development, peace, and respect for human rights and the environment.

Current priorities for KAIROS include our Women of Courage program, work that is rooted in and shaped by the wisdom and experience of KAIROS` long-standing partnerships with Canadian and international women’s organizations, networks, and movements for peace-building, human rights, and ecological justice.  Women of Courage is rooted in the understanding that while women around the world face many injustices, women are also key catalysts and agents for change when they create and exercise leadership in human rights and peacebuilding, processes often dominated by men’s voices and experiences. Women are key actors in the struggle for ecological justice, organizing their communities to address resource extraction and climate change.  KAIROS Women  of Courage program bring women together from different human rights contexts—conflict, Indigenous, and migrant—for shared analysis, learning, strategizing and social action.

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