Mining in Mexico … Through Canadian Eyes

Janette McIntosh with staff from ProDESC in Mexico.

Janette McIntosh with staff from ProDESC in Mexico.

In February 2013, KAIROS network member Janette McIntosh represented KAIROS on a delegation to mining-affected communities in Mexico. Janette is the also the Presbyterian representative to and co-chairs our Ecumenical Circle of Collaboration on Sustainability.

Organized by the United Steelworkers, the delegation included steelworkers and representatives from CUPE and the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers union (CEP).  Janette and her compatriots had a moving and challenging experience in Mexico, and she returned to Canada with a determination to face the the justice struggles posed to us all by Canadian mining activities overseas.

You can read and download Janette’s report here.

You can also read the open letter prepared by the Delegation here.


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