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Your donation to KAIROS will support work for human rights and ecological justice today and long into the future. Please give!

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You can participate in KAIROS’ work for human rights and ecological justice by making a one-time, 100% tax-deductible contribution.

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We support KAIROS because unlike many organizations, they are proactive rather than reactive. Their programs and partnerships are based on careful research and personal communication with the situations and people involved. KAIROS works with partners in Canada and abroad, pursuing shared aims of peace, justice, human rights, gender equality, Indigenous rights and environmental rights – often all at the same time. They use their limited resources wisely, giving emphasis to educating donors and other Canadians about their work, and whenever possible, bringing members of their partner organizations to Canada to explain how they are working together with KAIROS to further their objectives.
John and Susan Warden, KAIROS Donors
Fundraising Meme

KAIROS Philippines Learning Tour, 2014
Photographer: Allan Lissner

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