KAIROS Canada 20 years of spirited action for justice

KAIROS is celebrating 20 years of spirited action for justice during this kairos time, when multiple crises have converged and opportunities arise for transformational change. 

We invite you, the KAIROS network, domestic and global partners and friends to reflect on KAIROS’ accomplishments and struggles, to embrace this kairos moment and to envision a 2041 that is more hopeful, just and sustainable than the present time.  

Anchored in the theme of time – KAIROS time – anniversary moments and celebrations will begin on July 1, the day KAIROS was launched in 2001, and weave throughout the months to follow with stories and reflections by various people, from moments in KAIROS’ two decades and shared in various media. The KAIROS network and partners will gather at the end of October to dream, discern, be inspired and conspire to take action together as we look toward the critical decades ahead.  

Help us mark this anniversary! We are still accepting photos, video clips of your fondest KAIROS memories, brief statements and/or long-form spiritual reflections or essays. 

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Over the last twenty years, KAIROS has helped to stir my evolving understanding of myself as a Settler, as someone who has benefitted from the legacy of colonialism in Canada, and as a member of a Treaty people. KAIROS provides opportunities to listen deeply to Indigenous persons, to be transformed by their words and challenges, and to be moved to advocate for policy change.

Sue Wilson, CSJ

KAIROS es vida, lucha, hermandad, amistad, es telaraña que va uniendo esfuerzos para la defensa de la madre tierra. – KAIROS is life, struggle, siblinghood, friendship, it is a spider’s web that is joining forces for the defense of Mother Earth.

Natalia Atz Sunuc (Maya Kaqchikel), Kaji’ Ajpop Association, Guatemala

In my roles at The Canadian Council of Churches I have depended on and grown from the friendship of many colleagues, the careful and bold approach KAIROS takes with partners that is built into its genetic code, its detailed research and policy work, and its many contributions to critical pedagogy, most boldly and consequentially evident in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise.

Peter Noteboom, General Secretary, The Canadian Council of Churches

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20 years of spirited action for justice