KAIROS / For the Love of Creation COP27 Delegation

Follow 10 delegates during the United Nations conference on climate change (known as COP27 for the 27th “conference of parties” – that is, signatories – to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt. Part of the KAIROS and For the Love of Creation (FLC) Delegation, they will be reporting from Egypt, November 8-18, and advocating for a seat at decision-making tables to tackle the climate crisis. 

Read their blogs and videos throughout COP27, and the KAIROS and FLC social media feeds. KAIROS Facebook, FLC Facebook, KAIROS Instagram, FLC Instagram, KAIROS Twitter.  

Delegates include Indigenous partners and youth from Turtle Island, and KAIROS Women, Peace and Security and global solidarity partners. COP comes after the Season of Creation in the Christian calendar, which ran between September 1 and October 4, and picks up on the theme “Listen to the Voice of Creation,” specifically listening to those voices that have been muted or ignored. 

KAIROS and FLC recognize that years of agreements coming out of the COP meetings have privileged voices and positions from the Global North, focusing on proposed solutions that have failed to be equitable or to incorporate the global range of actors and their positions. Egypt’s stated intention for COP27 is to make the conference “a radical turning point in international climate efforts in coordination with all parties, for the benefit of Africa and the entire world.” 

The delegation is using the United Church of Canada’s accreditation to COP27. 

Watch conversations with the KAIROS/For the Love of Creation COP27 delegates before leaving and after returning back home.

The Delegates

KAIROS/For The Love Of Creation delegates, in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt. participating in a late-night conference call with support staff back in Canada.

From Canada:

Clifford Mushquash, Anishinaabe from Pawgwasheeng (Pays Plat First Nation) on the north shore of GichiGami (Lake Superior).

Tia Kennedy, Oneida Nation of The Thames and Walpole Island First Nation. 

Yusra Shafi, is an international student from Kuwait at the University of Toronto, and an intern at Development and Peace. 

International delegates (KAIROS Women Peace and Security partners):  

Chantal Bilulu, Project Manager for the Women, Peace and Security program at Héritiers de la Justice, Democratic Republic of Congo 

Hana Elias Antoun Kare, a researcher, trainer and peace activist with Wiam: Palestine Conflict Transformation Centre, West Bank, Palestine.  

Juan Rachael Michael Roberto, Advocacy Coordinator for the South Sudan Council of Churches. 

Kelly Campo, a member of the coordinating committee of the Organización Femenina Popular (OFP), Colombia.  

International delegates (KAIROS Solidarity partners): 

Noble Wadzah, Coordinator of Oil Watch Africa’s Ghana chapter 

Ivonne Yanez, a founding member and current president of Acción Ecológica, Ecuador 

Paul Belisario, Assistant Global Coordinator for the International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination and Liberation, Philippines. 

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