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KAIROS denounces the feminicide of María Angélica Polanco Medina of Barrancabermeja, Colombia

July 24, 2020

“It is with pain that we once again witness barbarism, dehumanization, and cruelty on the bodies of women.” Organización Femenina Popular  On July 22, the Organización Femenina Popular (OFP), a KAIROS partner, released a statement mourning the death and denouncing the feminicide of María Angélica Polanco Medina, an educator…

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Take action to end attacks against human rights defenders in the Philippines

July 17, 2020

Over the last year the human rights situation has significantly deteriorated in the Philippines. The government has increasingly made use of the process of red-tagging, used to identify many human rights organizations as “front organizations of local communist terrorist groups.” The consequences of red-tagging are dire. Some…

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Trailblazer: Kanahus Manuel and The Tiny House Warriors

July 15, 2020

“We stand resolutely together against any and all threats to our lands, the wildlife and the waterways” Kanahus Manuel  The Tiny House Warriors, a group of Secwepemc land and water defenders, have a simple message, “water is life; our land is our home”.  Their mission: stop the expansion of the…

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Continue to take action for international human rights and against annexation

July 13, 2020

The government of Israel publicly communicated plans to move forward with the formal annexation of significant parts of the West Bank and all of its settlements, consisting of territory that Israel has been militarily occupying since 1967, giving July 1,…

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Webinar recording: What’s next? Annexation, COVID-19 and Palestine

July 13, 2020

A discussion about human rights and women, peace and security in Palestine-Israel with our partner Wi’am and members of the KAIROS Palestine-Israel Delegation. Wi’am staff provides an update about their work and the current context including the impacts of COVID-19…

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Nestlé retreating from Canadian operations, but water bottling continues

July 3, 2020

It may not be a complete victory, but Nestlé’s sale of its Pure Life business in Canada to Ice River Springs this week is a win for the movement to protect water. The company has decided to sell its operations in Wellington County, Ontario and Hope, BC citing a business…

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