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Everybody Needs a Home

February 28, 2023

Toronto city started tracking deaths of homeless people in 2017, when an average of 1.9 died per week; in 2021, an average of 4.3 of the unhoused died each week. This was one of the stark statistics researchers Sandra Fawcett…

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Transforming dreams into reality in Colombia

February 28, 2023

I am visiting Colombia for the first time as the new Latin America Partnerships Coordinator. And this is the first time anyone from KAIROS had visited in three years, since the pandemic began. We started in Colombia with the Organización…

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Unearthing Solidarity: Global Voices on Mining Justice

February 27, 2023

Generally, we consider gold as a noble matter, but we can state that its extraction in the most of the cases is full of violence. – Fr. Dário Bossi Two things stick with me, haunt me, from the webinar, “Unearthing…

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KAIROS celebrates Black voices of resistance during Black History Month

February 27, 2023

KAIROS celebrated Black History Month with a roundtable event on February 22, 2023 that brought together speakers of African descent and of the Diaspora and Indigenous communities in Canada to reflect on Black Resistance in the arts, environmental and social…

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Budget 2023: Urge support for women peacebuilders

February 9, 2023

Last year, the federal government took a step toward fulfilling a promise it made during the 2021 Throne Speech. That promise was to increase Canada’s international assistance budget each year, and invest in sustainable, equitable, and feminist development that benefits…

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Take Action – Keep up the pressure on Bill C-226 to end Environmental Racism

February 2, 2023

Canada has no strategy to include environmental justice or racism in its environmental assessment or planning – not yet. The federal private member’s Bill C-226, which is before the House of Commons, addresses this shortcoming. Officially called “An Act respecting…

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KAIROS Wish List 2023

February 1, 2023

KAIROS 2023 WISH LIST  As we emerge from a year of mounting crises, we are encouraged by the growing calls to center the leadership of Indigenous peoples, women, and youth in decisions related to transitioning to a just and sustainable…

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Joint statement of the ENSS on Pope Francis’ ‘pilgrimage of peace’

February 1, 2023

Joint statement of the Ecumenical Network on South Sudan on Pope Francis’ ‘pilgrimage of peace’ Member organizations of the Ecumenical Network of South Sudan (ENSS), including KAIROS Canada, have released a joint statement calling on the global Church and for…

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KAIROS Times, February 2023

February 1, 2023

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