My sincere thanks to KAIROS who supported my trip to Canada to participate in the 2019 International Human Rights Training Program held in Montreal and the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver, in June 2019.  Left to right: Rachel Warden and Néné Lubala.Left to right: Dayna the translator and Néné Lubala. With the support of KAIROS Canada, 8 women members of SALVIS…

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L’autonomisation des femmes et jeunes filles en République du Congo #KAIROS20

August 3, 2021

Mes sincères remerciements à KAIROS qui a supporté mon voyage au Canada pour participer au Programme International de Formation aux Droits humains 2019 tenue à Montréal et à cette occasion passer un bon moment avec Rachel Warden en vue de participer à Women Deliver Conference tenue à Vancouver en juin 2019.  De gauche à…

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A new way of moving forward in this work for justice and peace #KAIROS20

July 30, 2021

Returning from a World Council of Churches meeting in Tanzania in 1974. I was transferred from Montreal to Toronto. At this time here in Toronto the churches were, for varied reasons, becoming committed in a more formal way to justice,…

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World Student Christian Federation – Africa partnership #KAIROS20

July 28, 2021

I had the opportunity to work with KAIROS and more directly with 3 Staff – John Mihvec (late), John Dillon (late) and Jim Davis. All very instrumental in supporting voices from the “South” on critical issues concerning our lives and perspectives. Which…

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Reflections on the birth of KAIROS #KAIROS20

July 26, 2021

An anniversary is a good time to remember our roots.  It is also a good time to look for a continuum from what the founders hoped and prayed KAIROS would become to what it is now, twenty years on.    I was there…

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TAKE ACTION to stop state-sponsored killings and human rights violations in the Philippines

July 23, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of Indigenous peoples, land and human rights defenders, and low-income people are being displaced, terrorized, jailed and killed in the Philippines by their own government.   SEND A LETTER TO YOUR MP NOW! INVESTIGATE PH is documenting these abuses in a series of three reports. The second report,…

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Congratulations to the OFP on their 49th anniversary

July 22, 2021

This week the Organización Femenina Popular (OFP) celebrates their 49th anniversary.   The OFP will be hosting two public events in Spanish this week to commemorate the organization’s forty-nine years:  Thursday, July 22 at 5:00pm EDT | Virtual conversation on the feminist economic alternatives on Facebook Live via the OFP’s Facebook account   Saturday,…

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Twenty years of partnership: Héritiers de la Justice #KAIROS20

July 22, 2021

| Français | Photo: A survivor of sexual violence testifies of her ordeal to Ian and Kirsten in the presence of Néné Lubala in Bideka in 2016. Twenty years of partnership dedicated to restoring the dignity and rights of vulnerable…

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Vingt ans de partenariat : Héritiers de la Justice #KAIROS20

July 22, 2021

| English | Photo: Une survivante de violence sexuelle témoigne de son calvaire à Ian et Kirsten en présence de Néné Lubala à Bideka, en 2016.   Vingt ans de partenariat dévoué à la restauration de la dignité et les droits des populations vulnérables…

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KAIROS calls on Canada to heed recommendations of Investigate PH report

July 21, 2021

Holding the Philippines government to account for human rights violations  KAIROS has recently joined thirty-five civil society organizations, churches and prominent individuals representing labour, youth, faith communities, human rights defenders, and the Filipino community in delivering a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs,…

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Twenty is an important number in Mayan culture/Veinte es un número importante en la cultura Maya #KAIROS20

July 20, 2021

(English follows) KAIROS ES VIDA, LUCHA, HERMANDAD, AMISTAD, ES TELARAÑA QUE VA UNIENDO ESFUERZOS PARA LA DEFENSA DE LA MADRE TIERRA.  Número importante en la cultura maya, cuando se cumple 20 años se llegó a ser una persona completa (jun winäq), 20 nawales del calendario maya, pero a…

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Taking our courage in hand and overcoming fear #KAIROS20

July 15, 2021

What do you do when your life is in constant danger? When you are never sure that when you leave your home in the morning that you will return safely in the evening? This is a daily reality for the…

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Hot off the press! Women Peace and Security At a Glance report for year 3

July 15, 2021

The At a Glance report for Year 3 of the KAIROS Women of Courage: Women Peace and Security program is now available in English, French and Spanish.  The report highlights the critical work of KAIROS partners – grassroots women peacebuilders in Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Palestine – in a year that…

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Remembering John Mihevc #KAIROS20

July 13, 2021

John Dillon and John Mihevc must be remembered with special appreciation – their initiative became the spark, and their research was the anchor of so many of KAIROS’ ecumenical justice initiatives.  Joe Gunn In celebrating KAIROS’ 20th anniversary, my thoughts are ever woven with thoughts of my brother, John Mihevc, blessed be his memory.  John…

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Gender and land defense in Abya Yala in times of pandemic

July 9, 2021

“In this new global context, the compilation of struggles and the essential role of women in the defense of territories, the specificities and damages that they experience in socio-environmental conflicts, become relevant…” Latin American Network of Women Defenders of Social and Environmental Rights, 2020 annual report  Women…

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KAIROS and partners mark the 10th anniversary of South Sudan: the world’s youngest country

July 8, 2021

Friday, July 9th marks the 10th anniversary of South Sudan, the world’s newest country.   Despite some progress towards peace and reconciliation, particularly since the signing of the latest iteration of the peace agreement, the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of…

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A moment for renewed commitment #KAIROS20

July 8, 2021

Few of us might remember, but the churches were in shock when KAIROS was founded.   Perhaps presaging our present-day situation, because the largest Christian churches had embraced colonialism in the form of Indian Residential Schools, lawsuits were threatening their very existence. We should honour the brave Anglican Church reps who came…

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Investigate PH releases 2nd report on escalating human rights violations in the Philippines

July 7, 2021

Yesterday, INVESTIGATE PH released its second report on human rights violations in the Philippines. The findings – which highlights escalating state-driven violence – are deeply alarming and demand urgent attention. The report is the second in a series of three…

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Women peacebuilders lay groundwork for sustained transformational change

July 6, 2021

Located literally under the shadow of the West Bank wall in Bethlehem, Wi’am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre offers women victims of gender-based oppression and violence just that—transformational change.  Wi’am—a partner of KAIROS Canada’s Women of Courage, Women, Peace and Security (WPS) program—is one of four women-led grassroots organizations that…

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New Economy Trailblazer: Preparing our Home

July 2, 2021

The transition to low carbon economy is largely focused on decreasing emissions and shifting sectors that rely on oil, gas, and coal to low carbon alternatives. These solutions are about mitigating the impacts of climate change in the future, but what about the impacts…

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Comunicado de prensa: KAIROS celebra 20 años de acción enérgica por la justicia

June 30, 2021

(Ottawa, ON) – KAIROS: Iniciativas ecuménicas canadienses por la justicia cumple 20 años el 1 de julio y, para conmemorarlo, lanzará una serie de reflexiones y celebraciones que culminarán con un evento juvenil el 24 de octubre y el Encuentro Virtual del 20º Aniversario de KAIROS,…

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Communiqué de presse: KAIROS célèbre ses 20 ans d’action ardente pour la justice

June 30, 2021

Ottawa (ON), le 1er juillet 2021. – Le 1er juillet, KAIROS : Initiatives œcuméniques canadiennes pour la justice aura 20 ans. À cette occasion, l’organisme lance une série de réflexions et de célébrations qui culmineront avec un événement jeunesse le 24 octobre et le…

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Media Release: KAIROS celebrates 20 years of spirited action for justice

June 30, 2021

(Ottawa, ON) – KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives turns 20 on July 1, launching a series of reflections and celebrations that will culminate with a youth event on October 24 and the KAIROS 20th Anniversary Virtual Gathering, October 26 to 28.   In…

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Hilando y tejiendo juntas: camino de hermandad y solidaridad #KAIROS20

June 29, 2021

English KAIROS está celebrando 20 años como organización de justicia social, ecuménica y ambiental. Desde sus inicios comenzamos a trabajar juntos. Nuestras organizaciones, hilando y tejiendo juntas.   Siempre encontramos sintonía en la lucha frente a los impactos de las actividades…

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Spinning and weaving together: A journey of siblinghood and solidarity #KAIROS20

June 29, 2021

Español  KAIROS is celebrating 20 years as a social, ecumenical, and environmental justice organization. From its beginning we began to work together. Our organizations, spinning and weaving together.  We always find harmony in the struggles against the impacts of oil and mining activities, climate change, and the role of Indigenous peoples and women in the…

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Letter to the Editor: Canada needs to step up its human rights, with shift to emerging energy technologies

June 29, 2021

Re: Canada better step up its game on battery-powered electric vehicles,(The Hill Times, June 7.) Canada does need to step up, but on human rights, with the shift to emerging energy technologies, especially as it is poised to benefit from…

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