We are not truly human without a communion with the rest of life.

ecological-justice-450pxKAIROS is committed to a vision of ecological justice where humanity lives within natural limits, in connected relation to all of creation.

Ecological justice includes social justice–participation in decision making and sustainable use of natural resources–and requires putting the economy in its place as a subsystem within society and the wider natural world.  In an ecological economy, production and consumption are determined by social needs and ecological balance. The goal of economic activity is to produce enough to meet the needs of creation rather than seeking endless growth which is impossible on a finite planet.

Within a vision of ecological justice, areas of ongoing KAIROS priority include ensuring climate justice, addressing impacts of resource extraction, and protecting water and watersheds, as well as the building of sustainable alternatives.  Our work is inspired by eco-theology, and influenced and informed by Indigenous wisdom.  We work in consort with social movements, in Canada and around the globe.

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