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About the MMIWG Info-Hub

“The complex interplay of factors – many of which are part of the legacy of residential schools – needs to be examined, as does the lack of success of police forces in solving these crimes against Aboriginal women”

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Final Report, December 2015

This MMIWG Information Hub on the KAIROS website is focused on providing information, resources and updates related to the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada. The hope is to create a hub, where allies can come together to:

  • strengthen solidarity and support for victims and their families
  • be informed about the inquiry  
  • learn about issues and concerns that have been raised by family members, federal, provincial and grassroots Indigenous groups
  • understand the history of the inquiry through a timeline
  • reach out to other groups working on this issues
  • find resources for advocacy and action
  • be inspired by the stories and testimonies of the courageous people involved in this work.

This section is a living document.   It is by no means comprehensive or complete.  We apologize if any information, news and voices have been missed. With that in mind, we invite your input and suggestions for other information, resources and groups to be included. If you have questions or input for the site, please contact MMIWG information hub at  info@kairoscanada.org

We would like to acknowledge the work of Joanne Scofield who was integral to the creation of this info-hub.

Still Dancing by Jonathan LaBillois

Still Dancing by Jonathan LaBillois

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