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Request for collaboration for supporting temporary foreign workers

February 23, 2021

With the support of the Government of Canada, KAIROS is accepting Requests for Collaboration from registered not-for-profit and community-based organizations in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island that are supporting temporary foreign workers, particularly those in the…

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History of migrant workers’ outreach at Carlisle/Kilbride United Churches

February 18, 2021

Every year they arrive from Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean islands.   Our migrant workers come to our shores to labour in our local nurseries and crop farms to provide the workforce so essential to the economy…

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MEDIA RELEASE: Federal funds aid KAIROS and partner support to agriculture workers

February 17, 2021

$2.1M in funding to assist temporary foreign workers who are affected by COVID   (Ottawa, ON) – KAIROS Canada is pleased to announce that the Government of Canada has awarded it $2.18 million to support and to assist temporary foreign workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on the agricultural sector.  Funded by the Government of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program,…

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KAIROS 2021 Wish List

February 3, 2021

As Canada continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that we are in a ‘kairos’ moment. In that spirit, KAIROS Canada wishes the following in 2021…  That the Canadian government, provinces and territories: Work with Indigenous family members and survivors, gender-diverse people, and Indigenous…

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December 18 is International Migrants Day

December 15, 2020

Sometimes this important recognition gets lost, especially for Christians, in the preparations for Christmas. Yet when we really think about the Christmas story, we meet God’s people on the move, travelling to meet imperial demands, fleeing in terror at imperial edicts. Sacred texts…

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Letter to the Editor: If Canada is serious about ending systemic racism, take a hard look at temporary foreign worker program

November 4, 2020

Written by Connie Sorio, Migrant Justice Program Coordinator at KAIROS. Originally published in The Hill Times on November 4, 2020.

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Just transformation needed now: KAIROS responds to the 2020 Speech from the Throne

September 30, 2020

The Government of Canada addressed the pandemic – “our generation’s crossroad” – and how it plans to “build back better” in the much-anticipated Speech from the Throne on September 23. The speech touched on racism, gender and income inequality, the environmental crisis, dislocation, and the struggles facing Indigenous and global communities.   While the government addressed each issue separately, they intersect and are amplified by a pandemic that exacerbates human…

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KAIROS joins #StatusforAll and Landed Status Now campaign

June 16, 2020

KAIROS joins the Migrant  Rights  Network in calling on the federal government  to  provide  Status for All and Landed Status Now.    COVID-19 has exposed deep inequities, including those faced by foreign migrant workers who are needed in Canada to care…

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June 16 webinar: COVID-19, migrant & undocumented workers

June 5, 2020

Previous webinar recordings are now available. How is COVID-19 impacting foreign migrant workers in Canada? KAIROS’ Migrant Justice Coordinator, Connie Sorio, presents updates from some of Canada’s leading migrant justice advocates in a series of webinars. Join us for the…

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More action needed to keep migrant workers safe, advocate says after cluster of Manitoba COVID-19 cases

June 5, 2020

Diwa Marcelino, an organizer with Migrante Manitoba and KAIROS Steering Committee Member, says the province must step up inspections to protect temporary foreign workers in the province. (Photo: John Einarson/CBC)Take Action! Please write to your Member of Parliament and urge the government to give all migrants in…

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From disposable to indispensable: providing foreign migrant workers with a pathway to permanent residency

May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic reveals how foreign migrant workers contribute to Canada’s economy and society by doing the jobs that too few Canadians want. Their work ensures that our food industry thrives, that young, elderly, and at-risk Canadians receive proper care,…

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Urge Canada to protect all migrant workers with residency status now!

May 5, 2020

With COVID-19 exposing and enhancing the vulnerability of migrant workers, your help is needed now more than ever.    Migrant workers deserve our deepest respect for the work they do. They have a right to be safe and secure both in their workplaces and at home. They…

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Letter to the Editor: Granting residency to migrant workers would demonstrate genuine appreciation for their services

May 4, 2020

Re: Alberta Cargill’s Alberta beef plant to reopen next week after COVID-19 outbreak forced closure (April 30): The COVID-19 outbreak at two beef-processing plants in southern Alberta highlights vulnerabilities faced by foreign migrant workers in Canada. It also reveals how much…

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Migrant workers are not to blame for outbreak in meat-packing plants

April 30, 2020

KAIROS offers thoughts and prayers to the families of the meat-packing plant workers who recently succumbed to COVID-19, and extends solidarity and support to the temporary foreign workers and immigrants facing discrimination and being blamed for the coronavirus outbreaks at the Cargill and JBS meat-packing plants in Alberta. …

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Letter to federal ministers with direct oversight of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

April 20, 2020

In its letter to those federal ministers with direct oversight of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, KAIROS expresses appreciation for the government’s inclusive and positive response to calls for assistance from temporary foreign workers, especially seasonal agricultural workers, and emphasizes…

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Advocates urge protection for migrant workers travelling to Canada amid COVID-19 restrictions

March 25, 2020

Migrant worker advocates want the federal government to improve protections for foreign labourers travelling to Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The comments come as the federal government reassured farmers that, despite new travel restrictions, foreign workers will be allowed into Canada…

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Federal Court of Canada to hear challenge to designation of the U.S. as a safe third country for refugees

October 29, 2019

KAIROS supports the legal challenge against the flawed Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States of America, and would like to call its members, migrant and refugee rights’ advocates to join the rally on November 4th at 12:30 pm…

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Priorities for Canada’s 43rd Parliament

October 25, 2019

Canadians have elected a minority government. Collaboration is critical for the survival of Canada’s 43rd Parliament and is urgently needed to appropriately address mounting and systemic issues. Indigenous rights and wellbeing, the climate crisis, migrant justice, and support and protection…

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Forced displacement in the Philippines by climate change and greed – again

September 22, 2019

I joined more than 60 delegates from approximately 24 countries in a visit to three communities in the Greater Manila Area that are impacted by poverty, displacement and climate change. The visit was part of the Beyond Labels, Beyond Borders…

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America is a mass grave

June 25, 2019

An ensemble of living and non-living beings is calling an alarm: América es una fosa común. America is a mass grave. According to the Government of Mexico, at least 200,000 people have been murdered and 40,000 people have been disappeared since 2006…

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KAIROS celebrates new Caregiver Pilot Programs and extension of the Interim Pathway

June 19, 2019

KAIROS Canada applauds the Government of Canada for delivering on its promise of improving the lives and working conditions of migrant caregivers. At a press conference on June 15, the Minister of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada unrolled two new…

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KAIROS’ migrant justice workshop at the 2019 Cahoots Festival

June 14, 2019

An excerpt from “Justice and solidarity at the Cahoots Festival: Annual gathering equips Christians to live out Social Gospel” published in the Anglican Journal.  The second full day of Cahoots began once more with morning worship. A period of prayerful contemplation encouraged participants to look back on the…

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Chat with Activists: Hannah Gehrels on shaping change for the better

April 1, 2019

Originally from Thunder Bay, Hannah Gehrels makes Charlottetown her home. Hannah has a Masters in Biology from the University of Prince Edward Island, and currently runs an outdoor program for kids called Wild Child Forest School Program through the Sierra…

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Political Blind Date: the Promise of Multiculturalism

March 18, 2019

Connie Sorio, Migrant Justice Coordinator at KAIROS, served as an expert on migrant justice in a recent appearance on TVO’s Political Blind Date with MPs Jenny Kwan and Gary Anandasangaree. KAIROS has worked closely with migrant workers on issues such as family reunification, permanent…

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Bathurst United United on helping foreign migrant workers

March 13, 2019

For Reg McQuaid and his fellow congregants at Bathurst United Church, Toronto, support for foreign migrant workers is personal. Migrant workers at fastfood outlets serve him coffee, and he buys produce grown by migrant workers at the food co-op where…

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Spirited Reflection: Transfiguration Sunday—From the Mountain to the Streets

March 1, 2019

From Luke 9:28-36 When Jesus took Peter, John and James up onto the mountain to pray, Jesus’ face and clothes became dazzling and bright. Then Moses and Elijah also appeared with Jesus, also in glorious splendor. When these Disciples witnessed…

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