KAIROS Canada Women of Courage Podcast

This podcast series will provide an additional effective and accessible platform to highlight the voices and work of partners – women-led human rights organizations, women peacebuilders, land defenders and environmental activists, in discussions of current and emerging gender equality and ecological justice issues, and future priorities for transformational feminist strategies. 

EPISODE 1: Building Equitable Partnerships for Gender and Ecological Justice

Our first episode delves into KAIROS’ gender justice work and the impacts of collaborative partnerships with women-led grassroots organizations that advance transformative gender and ecological justice on multiple fronts.  

Transcript for episode 1: English | Español | Français

EPISODE 2: Changing the Narrative on Gender Justice in South Sudan: Jackcilia Salathiel’s Story of Courage

Jackcilia Salathiel, the National Women’s Coordinator at the South Sudan Council Churches’ National Women’s Program, shares her story of courage as a human rights lawyer and gender justice advocate in South Sudan. 

The South Sudan Council Churches, SSCC, is one of KAIROS’ Women of Courage Global partners. As an ecumenical body of the Catholic and Protestant churches, SSCC works to diffuse violence and lay the groundwork for lasting peace and at the same time empower women and girls and address gender injustice.

Transcript for episode 2: English

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