Hungry for Climate Justice: Second Annual Climate Fast Begins September 21

ClimateFast PosterFor the second year, a group of faith-based climate justice activists is bringing its message to Parliament Hill in a Climate Fast. They are calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies, the establishment of a price on carbon, and the development of a renewable energy policy for Canada.  For more information on these demands, check out

Declaring that they are “hungry for climate justice,” the group will hold its vigil on the Hill from September 21 to October 2. KAIROS applauds their action and invites you to support them however you can. What’s possible?

If you are in Ottawa, join them in their fast for a day. If you’re elsewhere, please consider organizing an event in your own community. Your solidarity will be a source of strength. (Please note that food-fasting is a serious endeavour that should not be taken lightly. Check out the fasting FAQ on the climate fast website and consult with your physician before committing to such a program.)

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper, alerting it to this national action and advocating for policy change.

The fast begins with an opening circle at 7pm on September 21 and ends with a closing circle at 7 pm on October 2. All in the Ottawa area are invited to join these circles  — and in between, to help hold the group’s banner high on the Hill!

Participants in the fast have written, “Our action is a peaceful and hopeful one. We aim to inspire people and decision makers in Canada to find the courage and wisdom to press for, and put into action, the urgent measures needed to assure a safe climate.”  Last year’s fast resulted in more than 100 MPs endorsing its policy goals.  What might be possible in 2013?

KAIROS continues to work on issues of climate justice. Check out the climate justice section of our website for news, analysis, and resources including educational and worship materials.

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