KAIROS is a faithful ecumenical response to the call to “do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

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KAIROS grounds its work in faith, as our consolation, our challenge, and our hope.

We are inspired by prophetic witness lived out by courageous people from biblical times to our own.  We claim the different gifts of rich justice traditions of our denominations even as we seek the strength of a united bold voice for witness and a common faithful movement for change.  We strive to hear prophetic voices, to sustain prophetic voice within churches, and to magnify the prophetic message that churches, together, at all levels, might voice in the public sphere.  We work together as churches, but not alone, reaching out to those of other faiths and conscience.

This means that alongside our work in research and policy development, education and social action, is the work of theological reflection and ecumenical worship. We foster theological and biblical study that helps deepen understanding of how our faith connects to acts of justice in the world. We create ecumenical prayer and worship resources on key justice themes that can be integrated into Sunday services or employed in meetings or other gatherings to nurture commitment and invite guidance. We welcome fresh reflection and creative liturgy from diverse voices within and beyond our community that helps strengthen love of God and neighbour and furthers our collective advocacy as public witness of that faith.  We build networks of theological reflectors that enhance, inspire and illuminate our social action.

Key documents:

New Covenant Original Document (originally signed in 1987 and reaffirmed in 2007)

Download (PDF, 2.65MB)

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