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Tar Sands Healing Walk Videos

July 10, 2014

Two videos by Allan Lissner on the Tar Sands Healing Walk.

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Fate of Tar Sands Pipelines Crucial for Climate Justice

August 12, 2011

Please read KAIROS’ Report “Fate of Tar Sands Pipelines Crucial for Climate Justice” President Barack Obama is facing a crucial decision that will define the U.S. position on climate justice. He can heed the advice from the Environmental Protection Agency…

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The Rights of the Lubicon Must be Protected

April 6, 2011

“My grandmother and mother have a trap line of their own on which they go hunting and snaring but it is rare that they will bring any rabbits, moose, deer, prairie chickens, or even bears back home…With all these roads,…

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Drawing a Line in the Sand

December 15, 2010

Why Canada needs to limit tar sands expansion and invest in a green economy

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KAIROS commends new Amnesty International report revealing extent of oil and gas development on Lubicon Cree traditional territory

June 18, 2010

For decades, eleven churches and religious organizations have joined together in KAIROS to support the Lubicon Lake Cree in their struggle for recognition and justice.  In 2003, then-federal negotiator professor Bradford Morse said it was his intention to be the…

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Il faut protéger les droits des lubicons

April 6, 2010

« Ma grand-mère et ma mère ont leur sentier de piégeage où elles vont chasser et tendre leurs collets mais il est bien rare qu’elles rapportent du lièvre, de l’orignal, du chevreuil, du coq de bruyère ou même de l’ours……

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KAIROS and Amnesty International urge the governments of Canada and Alberta to recognize the Lubicon Cree First Nation’s land and resource rights

February 23, 2010

View PDF of KAIROS/Amnesty International Joint Statement Intense and large scale oil and gas exploitation on the traditional lands of the Lubicon Cree First Nation in northern Alberta began in the late seventies. The impact on the community has been…

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