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Sudan has faced over twenty years of a civil war that has brought violence, death, and destruction. With the signing of peace accords between the Government and the South in January 2005, new hope came to the country. Yet conflict remains in areas of the country such as Darfur, and both peace and development remain strong concerns. KAIROS works through the New Sudan Council of Churches in the areas of human rights, peace building, and community development. Below are background documents on Sudan, many of which present perspectives and analysis from our partners in the region.

Background on Sudan, the War, and the Peace Process

Choose Life: A Vision for a Peaceful Sudan - Sudanese Church Position Paper on the Current Political Situation, the Referenda and Popular Consultations in 20100 and Beyond (June 2010)

Sudan clings to precarious peace (April 2010)

Elections in Sudan: A step Forward? (March 2010)

Canadian NGO Brief on Sudan and Peace (Fall 2009 - PDF)

The Crisis in Darfur

AfricaFiles “At Issue E-zine” Vol. 10, #2 (June 2009):
Perspectives on Darfur. Human rights in Darfur- Winners and Losers in the Search for Justice?

Policy Briefing paper #7: Seven Steps for Peace in Darfur (February 2007)