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First Nations Challenge Foreign Investment Protection Agreements: Policy Briefing Paper #36

September 5, 2013

In August 2013, KAIROS welcomed Brenda Sayers, a band councillor from the Hupacasath First Nation on Vancouver Island. Brenda explained eloquently why the Hupacasath had filed a request in a federal court seeking a judicial review of the federal government’s…

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Brenda Sayers visits KAIROS National Office to discuss Canada China FIPA

August 12, 2013

You are cordially invited to join KAIROS, the Council of Canadians and Brenda Sayers at the KAIROS office in Toronto as she makes her cross country FIPA community sharing tour. Brenda holds the portfolio for Hupacasath First Nation’s  court case challenging the…

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Another Empty Report on Human Rights and Trade in Colombia

July 2, 2013

On Friday afternoon, June 14, the Canadian government quietly released its second report on the human rights impacts of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. The report is so narrowly focused that it is silent on most human rights concerns and,…

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Remembering our partner and mentor, Pascal Kabungulu Kibembi

June 25, 2013

On Sunday, June 23, KAIROS delegates to the DRC took part in a ceremonial commemoration of Pascal Kabungulu, the  former Secretary General of KAIROS’ partner organization,  Héritiers de la Justice, based in Bukavu, eastern DRC. Pascal was murdered 8 years…

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CIDA DFAIT Letter to Ministers Baird, Fast & Fantino

June 17, 2013

“Faithful commitment “to love our neighbour,” whether down the road or across the ocean, motivates our engagement in human rights and development. Canada has a significant responsibility to contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive global community. In any…

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Colombian paramilitaries torture and murder Benedicta Joya Aponte while seeking her brother

May 21, 2013

Note from KAIROS: Just days before an Ecumenical Forum on Peace, May 18-19,  we received terrible news from church partners in Colombia. Benedicta Joya Aponte, a campesina woman and sister of a local priest, was brutally murdered in their home. …

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Take action: Ask the government to clearly identify Israeli settlement products sold in Canada

May 6, 2013

(Support for a United Church of Canada action) The United Church of Canada is inviting the ecumenical and justice community to write to the Foreign Affairs and Trade ministers, asking for proper identification of Israeli settlement products in Canadian stores…

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A Sustainable Energy Policy is Possible

June 11, 2012

In July 2011, federal, provincial and territorial energy ministers called for a public debate on a national energy strategy presenting KAIROS with an opportunity to elaborate on its vision for a just and sustainable energy policy. KAIROS envisions a transition…

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Call to Action: Vigil for human rights and social justice in Colombia

September 20, 2011

On Thursday September 22nd, those able to afford the minimum $1,000 ticket price will attend a gala at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto to honour Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos as Statesman of the Year. The award from the Canadian Council…

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KAIROS is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent murder of Father José Reinel Restrepo

September 19, 2011

View the Joint Letter ‘Re. the Assassination of Father José Reinel Restrepo of the municipality of Marmato, Colombia’   KAIROS is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent murder of Father José Reinel Restrepo, parish priest of the municipality of…

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Letter to Hon. John Baird re. visit of Salvadoran Attorney General Romeo Barahona

August 11, 2011

Dear Minister Baird: We write as Canadian organizations with long standing relationships with human rights, development, environmental and faith based organizations in El Salvador. Our organizations represent Canadians from across the country concerned about the increasing violence perpetrated against Salvadoran…

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KAIROS joins call for investigation into the murder of yet another mining activist in El Salvador

June 27, 2011

KAIROS is deeply saddened and concerned to learn that another environmental and community activist has been murdered in El Salvador. We join civil society organizations in El Salvador and Canada in calling for a full investigation into the murder of…

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The Rights of the Lubicon Must be Protected

April 6, 2011

“My grandmother and mother have a trap line of their own on which they go hunting and snaring but it is rare that they will bring any rabbits, moose, deer, prairie chickens, or even bears back home…With all these roads,…

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The Business News Network interviews KAIROS’ Ecological Justice and Corporate Accountability Program Coordinator Ian Thomson on Bill C-300

November 11, 2010

The Business News Network interviews KAIROS’ Ecological Justice and Corporate Accountability Program Coordinator Ian Thomson on Bill C-300 and the value of a voluntary arbitration system for Canadian mining companies abroad. Some useful, clear and articulate answers by Ian to…

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The Struggle for Mining Accountability Continues in the Wake of Bill C-300

October 28, 2010

KAIROS is deeply disappointed by the defeat of Bill C-300 at its third reading in the House of Commons. The private member’s bill, which would have created new mechanisms to hold Canadian mining, oil and gas companies accountable when they…

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Voices Unheard

June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010 Canada’s Indigenous peoples, threatened human rights workers in Congo and Colombia, HIV-infected mothers in Malawi, and Pacific Islanders whose homes and livelihoods are being destroyed by rising waters due to climate change —are among the strong articulate…

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Proposed Amendment to Canada- Colombia Free Trade Agreement no replacement for Independent Human Rights Assessment

March 30, 2010

KAIROS analysis, 30 March 2010 Since Prime Minister Harper announced the Canada-Colombia Free trade Agreement in July 2007, KAIROS and our partners have repeatedly expressed grave concern about signing such an agreement with a country which continues to have the…

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Pricing Carbon: A Primer

November 20, 2009

This briefing paper examines two market-based approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions – cap-and-trade systems and carbon taxes. Since the Canadian government proposes to adopt cap-and-trade as a central element of its climate change strategy, this paper pays special attention…

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KAIROS Briefing Paper #6: Free Trade at the Crossroads: Time For a New Approach

December 22, 2006

The Canadian government has committed to changing its approach to trade. As a first step to developing a new approach, it needs to look back on the failed experiments of the past decade of trade negotiations. This briefing paper calls…

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