A Sustainable Energy Policy is Possible

In July 2011, federal, provincial and territorial energy ministers called for a public debate on a national energy strategy presenting KAIROS with an opportunity to elaborate on its vision for a just and sustainable energy policy. KAIROS envisions a transition away from fossil fuels towards energy efficiency, conservation and a reliance on renewable sources. We see this as vital if we are to have any hope of keeping the increase in global temperatures below what is is not compatible with the continuation of life on Earth as we know it.

We begin by looking at the immense potential for gains in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy at the global level. We then look at the specific challenges we face in Canada with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and the adoption of renewable energy alternatives. Next we consider how Canadians must exercise more responsible stewardship over our remaining fossil fuel reserves even as we explore the significant potential for developing renewal energy. We then examine policy options for achieving greater energy efficiency and reliance on those renewable sources. Finally, we discuss the extraordinary potential for job creation by investing in green alternatives and how Canada can finance the transition to a just and sustainable energy economy.


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