The world coming together on mining

Guest post by Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer at Development and Peace

There are 150 people gathered at this conference from close to 20 countries around the world. Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Brazil, Honduras, Madagascar, the Philippines, these are just a few of the countries where people have traveled from to be here. And nearly every continent is represented. We are from different Churches, different organizations, different cultures and speak different languages but we are all here for one reason: because in some way or another we are affected by mining. In reality, mining affects us all. The resources that are extracted from the land are found everywhere around us. They are in our cell phones and our pieces of jewelry, they are part of our pension plans and, most important, reflect our ability or inability to be in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Global South. And this is why we are here, to see how we can combine our efforts and ensure that these resources benefit all equally, without forgetting where they come from: the earth itself. We were reminded of this important message at the opening of the conference with a simple, yet powerful, refrain: I will remember the land. One made all the more powerful when chanted by 150 voices from all parts of the world together as one.

Watch for yourself and join us in this unified voice:

I Will Remember the Land

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