Introducing Kelly Campo – OFP/Colombia

Photos of Kelly Campo. Text: KAIROS Climate Action Month, Kelly Campo, rganización Femenina Popular . Hashtag Decolonize Climate Action

Let’s meet Kelly Johanna Campo Becerra, a member of the coordinating committee of the Organización Femenina Popular – Popular Feminist Organization (OFP/Colombia), responsible for the feminist popular economy and environmental programs. She is also a leader in the youth movement of OFP.  

With undergraduate studies in Chemistry at the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Kelly has also completed a Diploma in sustainable economy from the Universidad del Medio Ambiente de México and is pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies at the Universidad Santo Tomás in Colombia. Born in Barrancabermeja, Magdalena Medio, Kelly is committed to constructing spaces for alternative and sustainable economies and buen vivir. 

Kelly has five years of experience in community work focusing on income-generating projects for economic justice for women, as well as the implementation of community strategies for the care of the environment, with women’s groups in the Magdalena Medio region such as Guardians de Life, Nature and Territory. 

Kelly shows us the important work done by OFP to strengthen women and communities:  

“Colombia and the territory from where we – from the OFP – produce our everyday work is a place deeply traversed by the extractive economy and the petrochemical by-products. That’s why, from the OFP, we try to implement strategies that help to mitigate its impact but also propose other economic alternatives to extractivism.” 

She points out three important issues that the government of Canada can consider.  

“In this sense, we think it’s very important that the Government of Canada produces and continues integral accompaniment strategies to the people, to the women in the territories, that want and work and enact actions to mitigate climate change and to enhance spaces of peace and dignity in the territories, in this case in our country, Colombia. First, a support line on environmental topics on education and management for women to contribute to creating a Network of Environmentalist Women Guardians of Life and Nature from the OFP and Colombia.” 

This is one of them. Learn about the other two in her video. 

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