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Toronto: Drawdown Solutions Summit

The message Is clear, young people everywhere are calling their elders out: “Your house is on fire! What are you doing about it?” “Global warming is real, it is human caused and immediate action is required to avert climate disaster.”…


Mississauga: Climate Action Earth Strike

We will meet at the fountain in Celebration Square in front of city hall at 1230pm. We will be gathering to spread awareness of our current Climate Crisis, and show support for our Climate Action Plan. Please email to…


Toronto: Global Strike for Climate

On September 27th, Toronto will see its’ biggest strike and march for climate justice. It is hosted by Fridays For Future Toronto, who invites adults to join youth strikers in solidarity, and is backed by the S27 Coalition, a diverse…


Toronto – Youth Climate Strike Teach-In

“When I grow up, I’d like to be alive”… The climate crisis is real, is happening already, and will affect everything we love. So what do we do when our world is under attack? STAND UP FIGHT BACK! Join us…

Prayer – Youth Climate Strike

September 20, 2019

Le français suit We call on member churches to read this prayer on Sunday, September 22, 2019 and invite you to use it wherever it is appropriate. Written by Jennifer Henry, with thanks to community members David Millar and Elaine…

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