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Connecting the dots

September 28, 2022

Remember connect-the-dots pictures? Many are incredibly simple (like this bunny) – the image sometimes could even be discerned without drawing the lines between dots. But some pictures are much more complicated, with the picture emerging from all those unconnected points…

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Climate anxiety and hope

September 27, 2022

This sounds like the beginning of a joke: six years ago, a psychologist, a public health professor, and a sociology researcher walked into an online chat room.   It wasn’t a joke. The three talked about the anxiety they felt over…

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Introducing Tia Kennedy, youth delegate

September 22, 2022

Meet Tia Kennedy. She is one of the KAIROS/For the Love of Creation youth delegates in COP 27 delegation. Tia is from the Oneida Nation of The Thames and Walpole Island First Nation. She has recently begun working for the…

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