Letter to the Editor: First, it’s our oil

letter to the editor


Given the urgent need to transition to a clean energy economy, rather than convincing Donald Trump “to consider Canadian oil as U.S. oil,” Justin Trudeau should tell Mr. Trump that Canada will allocate its remaining reserves of conventional oil for domestic use, while developing renewable alternatives (Trudeau’s Challenge Is Making Trump Realize Our Oil Is Their Oil, Jan. 24).

Accordingly, one of Canada’s prime objectives for renegotiating NAFTA must be to remove the clause which obliges Canada to provide the U.S. with the same proportion of Canada’s oil supply as was sold to it over previous years, even if it those exports cause domestic shortages.

John Dillon, Ecological Economy Program Coordinator, KAIROS, Toronto

Originally published in the Globe and Mail

Filed in: Op Eds & Rabble, Ecological Justice


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