KAIROS honours Women Land Defenders for Indigenous Women’s Month

June is Indigenous Women’s Month at KAIROS. As part of the month’s activities, KAIROS will launch on June 21st the Canadian phase of Mother Earth and Resource Extraction: Women Defending Land and Water (MERE Hub, for short). MERE is a living digital hub developed for and in consultation with women land defenders. Like the first phase, which focused on Latin America, the Canadian phase will highlight the current and historical role of women land defenders in protecting Mother Earth as well as include links to maps, campaigns, guides, toolkits, and other published documents for and on land and water protection.   

To honour the protection of Mother Earth, draw attention to the gendered impacts of resource extraction, and celebrate the launch of MERE Hub Canada, KAIROS is hosting and sponsoring a series of webinars with women land defenders.  

Mother Earth and Resource Extraction Webinar Series: 

An updated list of upcoming events can be found on the KAIROS website

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MERE Hub Webinar Series

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