International People’s Conference on Mining (IPCM) in the Philippines, July 29-August 1, 2015

Connie Sorio, KAIROS’ Ecological Justice and Asia-Pacific Partnerships Coordinator, will attend the International People’s Conference on Mining (IPCM) in the Philippines, July 29-1 August 2015.

Connie represented KAIROS on the 2015 IPCM coordinating committee. The IPCM is a major gathering for representatives from mining affected communities, environmental advocates, mining justice campaigners, policy makers and individuals and institutions committed to finding ways to alleviate the harmful effects of large scale mining. The Conference in an opportunity for participants to learn more about the global situation, share lessons learned and personal experiences of resistance, assess current trends, amplify peoples’ voices and collectively chart a way towards positive change for communities and organizations.

KAIROS also helped organize a workshop on women and resource extraction that builds on its ongoing work on the gendered impacts of mining, particularly on Indigenous women. Gloria Chicaiza, the mining justice coordinator at Accion Eologica in Ecuador, will be one of the panelists.

KAIROS is supporting the participation of partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. This will include solidarity visits to communities affected by mining. These visits will take place before the Conference, from July 25<sup>th</sup> to the 29<sup>th</sup>. A post-conference Solidarity Mission to Mindanao from August 2-9 is being organized by Inpeace Mindanao and Panalipdan.

The KAIROS partners’ roundtable on August 1 will offer participants an opportunity to make connections and increase collaborative work on resource extraction issues, Indigenous and collective rights, corporate accountability, and KAIROS’  <em>Winds of Change</em> campaign.

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