Fish, not oil – Oilwatch Africa Annual General Assembly 2016 

oil watch general assembly 2016

The Oilwatch Africa network resists the negative impacts of the oil and gas industry, builds solidarity among the peoples of the Global South, and supports national and regional organizations to act at the local level and collaborate at the international level to protect life and local livelihoods. Oilwatch Africa is a longstanding KAIROS partner and participated in the KAIROS tour of the Athabasca tar sands in 2009.

On September 4 to 6, 2016, members of the Oilwatch Africa network and community representatives from the Albertine Rift region met in Entebbe, Uganda, to consider the negative impacts of fossil fuels on climate, land, food sovereignty- water, sea and well-being in Africa. They shared experiences on the harmful impacts of oil, gas, coal extraction, and other forms of mining on their countries and communities. The gathering emphasized the importance of taking immediate action and issued several demands for climate justice and sustainable livelihoods. The meeting concluded with remembering the many martyrs of environmental justice struggles in Africa and around the world.

Read the final declaration of the Oil Watch Africa 2016 annual general assembly: “Fish, not Oil: Oilwatch Africa General Assembly 2016

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