Women’s Rights: Instruments for Lasting Peace

Collaborative Research & Analysis
“Women’s Rights: Instruments for Lasting Peace”” contributes research and analysis to the KAIROS Women of Courage Initiative, a program of research, education, networking and advocacy to promote women’s rights and support women’s rights defenders in the global South. It emerges out of KAIROS’ long standing commitment to justice and our history of partnership with women’s organizations and movements on issues related to human rights, violence and the struggle against impunity, particularly in areas of conflict. KAIROS works with several key women’s organizations in the South, networks and movements for peacebuilding and human rights. Some of our partners include Héritiers de la justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecumenical Voice for Peace and Human Rights in the Philippines, the Popular Women’s Organization (OFP) in Colombia, and the women’s rights program of the Sudan Council of Churches.


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