Wildfires in Western Canada

Wildfires raging in Western Canada have led to large-scale destruction and displacement, including Saskatchewan’s largest evacuation on record. As of Thursday, July 9, more than 13,000 people in Saskatchewan have been displaced from their homes, disproportionately affecting those already experiencing marginalization due to poverty, including many First Nations Communities. Montreal Lake First Nation, home to KAIROS friends and partners, has been severely affected by the fires which have displaced 15 families and destroyed six structures in the community. KAIROS friends and partners in Pinehouse Lake and Calling Lakes have also been affected. Factors contributing to the fires, burning about 10 times more area than a typical year, include particularly hot weather, dry conditions and lightning strikes. Professor Mike Flannigan of the University of Alberta says climate change is also a factor, contributing to a change in the jet stream in the area that has led to a decrease in precipitation.  

KAIROS invites your prayers for all those who are being evacuated and who risk losing their homes and for those fighting the fires in very high risk conditions. 


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