Video Blog: Joan Carling at the UNPFII

Several of the Honouring Indigenous Women’s Wisdom delegates spoke on May 21 at From Canada to Guatemala to the Philippines: Honouring Indigenous Women’s Wisdom, a KAIROS-Horizons panel that was an official side event at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII).  The panel took place at the end of the delegation, after delegates had shared stories and struggles, talked about common strategies, and participated in some of the Permanent Forum’s sessions.  It highlighted some of the delegation’s key messages, including the particular impacts of mining on women, the experiences of women on the front lines of the struggle, and the gendered impacts of the responses to resistance such as criminalization, stigmatization, abuse, rape and assassination.

We were privileged to have Joan Carling, a member of the Permanent Forum from the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, join the panel.  Her opening remarks provide an excellent summary of the importance of these issues and the need for the delegation.


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