Urgent Action – Ask MPs to support the Ombudsman bill

This is a crucial moment in the Open for Justice campaign to win greater accountability from the Canadian mining, oil and gas industry.

Please contact your Member of Parliament today.  (Even if you have already written to your MP on this matter, please contact them again regarding a very important vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday, October 1.)

On September 25 in the House of Commons, MPs debated  the Extractive Sector Ombudsman Bill (C-584) to create a new accountability mechanism for companies operating abroad.  KAIROS Canada is asking all MPs to support the bill at its upcoming vote for second reading.  Bill C-584 is our best hope of legislative change for mining justice in this session of Parliament.

Contact your Member of Parliament today.  It’s easy!  And it takes less than two minutes if you use the KAIROS online action tool: www.kairoscanada.org/openforjustice

Please join the over 90,000 Canadians who have already called for Canada to be Open for Justice.  Thank you for your support.


Over the past year, KAIROS has been campaigning for the creation of a human rights Ombudsman for Canadian mining, oil and gas operations overseas, as well as for legislated access to Canadian courts for those who believe they have been seriously harmed by such operations.  To learn more about the KAIROS program on sustainability and resource extraction, please visit: www.kairoscanada.org/sustainability/resource-extraction/

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