Up for Debate – help put women’s rights on election radar

Up for Debate imageUp for Debate is an alliance of more than 120 community groups, women’s organizations and allies from across Canada, including KAIROS, that is committed to making gender justice and women’s human rights key issues in the upcoming federal election.

The alliance is urging all political parties to make meaningful commitments, in Canada and internationally, on issues that resonate with KAIROS’ women of courage program and partners, including:

  • Ending violence against women

  • Ending women’s economic inequality

  • Supporting women’s leadership and organizations

Up for Debate is calling for a federal leaders’ debate on issues identified by women – the first in 30 years. The New Democratic Party and the Green Party have agreed – the Liberal Party of Canada, the Bloc Quebecois and the Conservative Party of Canada have not.

You can help make this happen by signing the following petition:


Together we can ensure that gender justice and women’s human rights are #UpForDebate in the 2015 federal election!

Thank you for your support!

For more information, please contact Rachel Warden, Gender Justice program coordinator rwarden@kairoscanada.org

More information:


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