Letter to the Editor: Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East should be rejected, says NGO

letter to the editor

Re: “Trudeau should leave the fake diplomacy to Donald Trump,” (The Hill Times, Feb. 3, p. 4). KAIROS Canada urges the prime minister to publicly reject the U.S. president’s “Peace to Prosperity Plan” for Israel and Palestine, which contravenes international law and further undermines the human rights of millions of Palestinians, and the safety and well being of the people of Israel.

Our concerns are based on longstanding church partnerships and relationships with both Palestinians and Israelis working for just peace. In a church leaders’ delegation to the region last November, KAIROS members witnessed the extreme suffering of the Palestinian people—particularly women—and the impact of the continued occupation on both Palestinians and Israelis.

This plan was negotiated with Israel alone, and entrenches the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. This occupation, along with the blockade of Gaza, have led to a human rights and humanitarian crisis for Palestinians that must be addressed through immediate action. The essential element in addressing the humanitarian crisis and building a sustainable, thriving Palestinian economy is ending the occupation and dismantling all the structures and systems that perpetuate it.

Any arrangements for long-term, sustainable and just peace must include the full participation of Israeli and Palestinian leaders, including women, as required by UN Security Council Resolution 1325. It must also guarantee that the sovereignty of Jerusalem be shared by Israelis and Palestinians, and that all faiths have open and free access to their holy places.

KAIROS also calls on Canada to urge other international leaders to denounce the notion that this plan could offer a framework through which peace could be negotiated.

Jennifer Henry, Executive Director

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