Towards Right Relation: Statement of the KAIROS Executive

we stand with those who believe in racial equality and justice

KAIROS strives to bring together Indigenous peoples, settlers and newcomers in shared commitments to human rights and ecological justice.  As a community grounded in diverse spiritualities, we commit to vision of right relations between all peoples and the earth.  As surely as we know such a future is possible, we know how very far away from that future we are in this moment.  

The murder of George Floyd is confirmation of a longstanding reality–the pervasive and deep-seated presence of anti-Black racism in what is called North America.  Witnessing the unfolding events of the last days, we join our voices with others to acknowledge and recognize that anti-Black racism lives in thoughts, behaviours, attitudes, institutions and systems, that it is an injustice in Canada, and that it is an injustice in churches, social justice groups and social movements. We recognize that anti-Black racism is connected to environmental harm in acts of environmental racism. We recognize that anti-Black racism is interconnected to other forms of racism and oppression, and the product of colonization and a system of white supremacy that continues and must be dismantled.  Today when it is in the news, and tomorrow when it is not, we will join with others in striving to address anti-Black racism, from the personal to the collective and systemic.   

We hold that promise of right relation in front of us, but today we grieve, today we speak, today we pledge our everyday actions for change.    

With thanks to the Leap Team, we share a list of resources, places to donate and advocacy options to support everyday action.

For additional donation options in Canada.

#BlackLivesMatter #lesViesNoirsComptent

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