They are on their way! Women of Courage partners to visit Canada this fall

“Supporting women in their empowerment initiatives: a matter for one and all.”

Néné Lubala Neema, Héritiers de la Justice, the Democratic of the Congo

They help women victims of war and conflict empower themselves to become effective peacebuilders.

They assist women impacted by the climate crisis to become vital environmental stewards.

Their work is bringing about great change and they need your support to continue their efforts.

They are coming to Canada for Climate, Conflict, Gender: KAIROS Canada’s Women of Courage Visit 2023, September 25 to October 6. They are KAIROS’ global partners who will share successes of the KAIROS Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Program.

The partners will visit Toronto, September 25 to 30 for an information exchange and gala event on September 28. From October 2 to 6, the partners will visit Kelowna, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Sydney to share experiences and insights with Canadians and Canadian parliamentarians. They will also advocate for continued support of their critical work that lays the foundation for just and lasting peace, equity and climate justice.

For the last six years through the generous collective support of individual donors, unions, religious communities, our member churches and vital funding from Global Affairs Canada the KAIROS Women of Courage Program has positively impacted thousands of women and allies in the Global south. But the work is not done yet.

KAIROS WPS partners need your support! Every dollar you donate until March 31, 2024, to KAIROS’ Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security partners will generate an additional $3 in funding from Global Affairs Canada. Donate for 4X the impact now!

Canada’s financial support has helped KAIROS’ WPS partners empower and equip thousands of women and male allies to build conditions for sustainable, just and equitable peace and to address the growing nexus between conflict, climate and gender inequities.  

KAIROS’ WPS partners are Héritiers de la Justice, the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Organización Femenina Popular, Colombia; South Sudan Council of Churches, National Women’s Programme; and Wi’am: the Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre, West Bank.  

More details to come! Stay tuned.

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“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy

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