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As we gather on Thanksgiving, there is no doubt that this year is different. However, I am looking forward to it for the reminder it brings to turn our hearts to gratitude. And there is so much to be thankful for. 

I am particularly grateful to the migrant workers who bring our food from fields and factories to our tables, and to caregivers and personal support workers who provide care and comfort to elders in private homes and long term care facilities, all at great risk to their own lives. 

I invite you to take a moment to watch this short video message. You are welcome to post it on Facebook and Twitter and share it with neighbours, church communities, or other networks. 

Thanksgiving blessings to you and your loved ones from all of us at KAIROS.          

Jennifer Henry
Executive Director

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PS: You will hear a mention of the  Status for All and Landed Status Now  campaign in the video. I invite you to join this initiative and take action now! 

Video Transcript

It’s hard to be grateful these days as we hit the 6-month wall of the pandemic.   

Watching the wildfires and storms and melting glaciers.   

Worrying about kids, about Elders nearby, about friends and family across the globe.   

Grieving the deaths in our communities, the murders at the hands of police.  

Sometimes, it’s hard to be grateful.  

But there is something about the seasonal rituals like Thanksgiving that nudge and encourage us into gratitude.   

And when we do, there is much waiting for us.   

The changing leaves are beautiful.   

The people practicing kindness are comforting.  

The diligence of essential workers is inspiring.   

Indigenous wisdom is powerful. I return gratitude.  

I am particularly grateful for those I know by name—migrant workers who bring our food from fields and factories to our tables, caregivers and personal support workers who provide care and comfort to elders in private homes and long term care facilities, all at great risk to their own lives.   

It is an honour to continue to find ways, particularly in this pandemic, to stand with these people who are so essential to our communities with our solidarity and our action.  Supporting the call for permanent status for these essential workers is a concrete expression of this gratitude.   

Let this be a reality, so they too can find meaning in Thanksgiving 

This Thanksgiving, we wish for you—connection, connection with those  you love and those you may not know personally but know of their contributions, even if only on screen or over the phone.    

We give gratitude to Creator and all our relations for life in fullness on this wounded earth. 

We hope that all of us, out of this gratitude,  will renew our action for migrant and ecological justice, for human rights and Indigenous rights, for gender and racial justice.   

Thank you for your support.  

Thanksgiving blessings from all of us at KAIROS.          

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