THANK YOU to the Ottawa organizing committee-the faces and hands behind an amazing day

We all know just how many people it takes to pull off a public event. Ottawa is the scene of enough public events that extra planning and attention to security questions is needed, especially since the day moved between three national sites. Taking on such an event is no easy task, and the KAIROS community across the land relied on Ottawa folks to pull it all off.

For many months, the Ottawa local planning committee was hard at work, dealing with everything from permits to water and food to music. And above all, they planned an agenda that encompassed Inuit, Métis and First Nations peoples and included a sacred Indigenous site, the House of Commons, a monument to the human rights for which we strive, and a feast. On top of that, the committee worked hard to promoting the event through faith and Indigenous networks, including leafleting at area powwows.

The result: a complex event was absolutely flawless and joyful, leaving hundreds of people free to simply enjoy the moment, make some noise, and ensure that all who made banners were also present in spirit.

From left to right: Pei-Ju Wang, Rick Balson, Bonnie Dillon, Jenny Prosser, Sue Taylor, Ed Bianchi, Tracey Paetzold, Deborah Tagornak, Helen Smith.

Missing from this photo but not forgotten:

Sylvia Smith, Murray Angus, Joyce Hardman, Bertha Mo, Paul Kompass, Daryold Winker, Carol Garceau, Ann Salmon, Paul Durber, Andrea Prazmowski, Janet Scollard, Liz Nieman, Teresa Craig, Chris Paetzold, and all the folks at Citizens for Public Justice, including Joe Gunn, Chandra Pasma, Karri Munn-Venn, David Pollack and Daniela Ljomov.

As Ed Says: An amazing bunch, to say the least!

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