Thank you to outgoing regional representative Mary Rigby

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Thank you to outgoing regional representative Mary Rigby 

Mary Rigby has been the Atlantic Regional Representative for the better part of the last four years. She came to this role after many years of service as a KAIROS Blanket Exercise facilitator and an active member of the Halifax KAIROS group. She has brought an unflagging passion for justice, a vast network of connections, an understanding of people and a great dedication to the work into this role. For all of her work and contributions we as the KAIROS community offer our deepest gratitude. You will hear the appreciation in the tributes and greetings below from some of the people who worked with Mary. You may also note the well wishes we all offer, particularly for her health in this moment. Mary stayed on past her original commitment to help seek a successor and create a bridge with newer volunteers and the region benefitted from this extended commitment. Now Mary has needed to pull back more quickly due to some health concerns. 

Mary was such a wonderful rep for Atlantic region. Her dedication and her hard work networking and building right relations with all of us was evident from the first time we met. I always enjoyed being in a meeting or socializing with her when the movement building circle gathered. I especially appreciated the top-notch hospitality the she and her husband Doug showed all of us who came to the meetings held in Halifax a few years ago. Thank you, Mary for your analytical and intelligent support of Kairos and support of so many issues that we are all passionate about.  Wishing you time for healing that hip. Sending love.

Janet Gray  

Mary has been a source of inspiration coast to coast with her passion and dedicated leadership. From the BC-Yukon western coast we send our heart felt appreciation to you, Mary, with love and prayers for complete recovery soon. Thank you for your wonderful support of KAIROS and leadership!  Peace and wellness to you, always. 

Janette McIntosh, BC-Yukon KAIROS regional representative      

Mary, thank you so much for your commitment to justice and your leadership in Atlantic Canada!  I am forever grateful for my training with you and am so glad our paths crossed. Many blessings as you take care of your health and continue to influence those in your circle. 

Dianne Climenhage

Thank you, Mary for your dedication and service. We pray you have a full recovery. 

Patricia Walsh-Warren 

To Mary, I wish all the best, have time to rest and recover totally.  Thanks for the great job you did as Atlantic Regional Rep during the last 4 years. May God bless you and help in this moment, which, I assume, must be hard for you and your family. My best thoughts and my prayers to and all who are closed to you, assisting you in any ways. 

Nicolas Kalgora 

Thank you, Mary for all that you have contributed to KAIROS and the causes that were close to your heart.  I wish I knew you better, but I hear the affection and admiration in the voices of those who know you.  Thank you. 

Lidvald Haugen-Strand 

Thank you, Mary for all you did in Kairos. You are in our prayers as you go through this process of recovery! 

Adah Ogbe 

Mary… Thoughtful, considerate, compassionate and tough. Thank you for calmness when I might have gotten a bit agitated. Thank you for writing such a long (hand-written) letter at the right moment touching me deeply. Thank you for assuming (no, embracing) leadership for causes and concerns close to your heart. Thank you for being you. Even under the most difficult circumstances you continued to serve, and I doubt any of that will change in the future – be well, stay safe, and seek justice 

Kenn Stright 

Mary has often said that Kairos was her church. What ever she and Doug undertook they did well. They carried out Blanket Exercises throughout the region and then went on to design a similar format to teach others about the situation in Palestine. She will be missed as Atlantic Regional Rep for her wisdom, determination and knowledge passed on to others in a gentle, passionate way. 

Bev McDonald 

Mary has always been open to opportunities to learn from, work with, support and encourage those experiencing injustice – especially, but not limited to, the Indigenous, First People on Turtle Island and their allies and counterparts in other parts of the world. She quickly and quietly sees a role she can play, reaches out to engage others, and gives of her whole self without hesitation. She has been a steady, important source of strength and support for the local Halifax KAIROS group as well as for other justice seeking individuals and church and community groups throughout the region for many years.  

Linda Scherzinger 

Greetings Mary. It was great meeting you through the Kairos network. I wish you all the best!  

Elaine Gareau 

Greetings Mary   We shared brief times and experiences together  as Regional  Chairs  Working with you was a delightful and learning experience  – but especially dear to me was when you and your region hosted the national /Regional meetings in Halifax  I learned so much and experienced  your attention to detail  . You represented the Maritimes so well. Take good care and get your body healthy so you can take on the next challenge! My best wishes to you.

Carin Crowe 

Thank you, Mary for your tireless work, it’s been such a pleasure to collaborate with you on the Blanket Exercise. You are an example to me of what true grassroots activism and allyship looks like.

Katy Quinn 

Mary, thank you for your wonderful and dedicated service with Kairos. You have assisted many people with numerous justice campaigns to understand why it is important to work towards change.  I marvel at your ability to network with many people and organizations throughout the Maritimes and Canada. I’ll miss you.  And thank you Doug for assisting and loving Mary in so many ways.  Care to both of you. 

Ellen Wood from Manitoba & NW Ontario KAIROS 

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