Thank you from Colombia

July 13, 2012

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for taking action to protect the lives of human rights defenders in the wake of the threats received last week. Your letters do make a difference and can save lives. Lilia Solano of the Justice and Life Project in Colombia, a partner of KAIROS and UCC, has written to thank us. She writes:

Lilia Solano“We appreciate the support from the international community, in particular KAIROS, Amnesty International and the United Church of Canada, who have raised their voices of solidarity for those of us who are victims of threats and of death. At the same time, we are demanding of the Colombian state that there be guarantees of life and integrity for defenders of human rights so that we may continue to work for land, life and dignity.

“The letters that have been sent have been fundamental to our survival. A concrete result is that President Santos has had to recognize that there is a real danger represented by the so-called “army against land restitution.” [The president has offered a reward for information leading to arrests of the group’s leaders. See: ]

“Those who threaten us are the same paramilitary organizations that are associated with the political, economic and military powers that for decades have assassinated, displaced and disappeared Colombians who work in defense of human rights.

“Again, my thanks and a hug.”


Thank you again for your letters and for you ongoing support and solidarity. Please keep us posted on the responses you receive.


Rachel Warden

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