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Strong Indigenous Voices and their Role

In this engaging event with Tina Stevens, Tina will describe the importance of hearing the wisdom of Indigenous Voices, the role these can have for us allies to make wiser choices. We so often think that we non-indigenous people have…


Hungering for Justice

Hungering for Justice Once again, Naulaq Ledrew returns for a LITS Circle event on Food Scarcity in the North. Join us for an engaging evening on WHY 69% of Inuit households are food insecure and how we might help to…


Who are the Metis people from the past, the present and the future?

Formally created in January 2022 to be an educational resource for Canadians who have an honest desire to be part of the Truth and Reconciliation journey. We hope to foster reconciliation by offering custom-tailored, engaging, and interactive Indigenous educational workshops.


Christ in the Rubble – UNJPPI

Join us for screening of Palestinian pastor Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac’s Christ In the Rubble Sermon. We will then hear from a Palestinian-Canadian Christian speaker, followed by a report from Chris Ferguson, Canadian member of the recent international Christian delegation…

In our own Words: Mapping the Sixties Scoop Diaspora with speaker Colleen Hele Cardinal

January 24, 2024

Thank you…Colleen for bringing alive the story of so many Indigenous children, and the complex inner woundedness they have carried. I learned a great deal.Mary-Ellen Francoeur, Sisters of Service Over 150 people gathered and another 170 registered to get the…

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Unearthing Solidarity: Global Voices on Mining Justice

February 27, 2023

Generally, we consider gold as a noble matter, but we can state that its extraction in the most of the cases is full of violence. – Fr. Dário Bossi Two things stick with me, haunt me, from the webinar, “Unearthing…

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KAIROS celebrates Black voices of resistance during Black History Month

February 27, 2023

KAIROS celebrated Black History Month with a roundtable event on February 22, 2023 that brought together speakers of African descent and of the Diaspora and Indigenous communities in Canada to reflect on Black Resistance in the arts, environmental and social…

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