Sudan and South Sudan at the brink of war

KAIROS and its members are concerned about the recent  escalation of fighting between the Republic of Sudan (Sudan) and the Republic of South Sudan (South Sudan).  KAIROS joins with the international community in urging the utmost restraint in favour of a peaceful and just negotiation of differences regarding the oil-rich north-south border regions, beginning with a ceasefire.   Please see the joint statement in this regard by the All Africa Conference of Churches and World Council of Churches.

Sudan Blocked Pipeline

Blocked off oil pipeline in Sudan

Meanwhile, KAIROS also deplores attacks and acts of intimidation against minority Christian faith communities and property in the north, especially that of the Sudan Evangelical Presbyterian Church (SEPC) in Khartoum, a member of KAIROS partner Sudan Council of Churches.   The Christian-Muslim inter-faith solidarity in Khartoum shown in the aftermath of the destruction of church property is, however, encouraging.  KAIROS is cognizant of the stateless status of Southern Sudanese, particularly women, still living in the north under precarious humanitarian and human rights circumstances, and appeals to Canada’s responsibility in advancing women’s roles in Peacebuilding and defending women’s rights in the Republics of Sudan and South Sudan (see KAIROS article ‘Sudan Recommendations to the Canadian Government‘) .

Finally,  KAIROS urges the Canadian government and the international community, including the African Union, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the UN and neighbouring country governments to use all available diplomatic channels to pull Sudan and South Sudan back from the brink of war.

For more information please contact:
Jim Davis
Africa Partnerships Program Coordinator
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