Strengthening Voices for a Just Transition – a project uniting generations for equitable and sustainable futures

Strengthening Voices For A Just Transition
Strengthening Voices For A Just Transition

We are pleased to announce that KAIROS has received a grant from the Catherine Donnelly Foundation to support its Strengthening Voices for a Just Transition project in 2024.  

This project aims to nurture a cohort of changemakers to help guide us through the next stages of the energy transition and strengthen just transition policies and programs with principles from Indigenous peoples, young people, and those most affected by climate change. The energy transition is already underway, however equity, respect for human rights, and systemic change are not guaranteed. As the federal government makes decisions that will define our future, this project aims to disrupt the status quo and present a vision for systemic transformation.  

This project will:  

  • Amplify just transition principles from Indigenous peoples, young people, and the Global South.  
  • Convene intergenerational dialogues to develop bold and creative visions of societal transformation. 
  • Build the capacity of young adults to communicate and advocate for their principles of a just transition with decisionmakers and the public. 

KAIROS will carry out intergenerational dialogues in four locations in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Activities will be carried out in partnership with community groups, Indigenous communities, and local KAIROS groups. 

As part of this project and our larger climate justice work, KAIROS will develop and promote new resources and advocacy tools to support calls for a just transition with the federal government. There will be opportunities for the whole KAIROS network to support this advocacy effort in the coming year. 

Stay tuned for more information about the roll out of this project in the coming months. If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact Beth Lorimer, Ecological Justice Program Coordinator (  

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