Spirited Reflection: Through a different lens

The Spirit within - oil painting by Connor Sarazin

We forget at times, that we are all light beings. Each connected to the other, connected to the Creator and to all who walk, crawl, swim, fly and grow upon Mother Earth. All are connected to you, and we are all one. 

A lot of people believe they must shake the hand of death to be connected or reconnect with the Creator, God, their higher power or whatever words you choose to use to help speak your inner truth. 

Depending on your culture, crow medicine is the bringer of death. Crows are responsible for escorting the dead to the underworld. In Christian tradition, the crow is considered evil, and they carry the spirit of the damned to its destination. The crow is associated with death and destruction in Celtic mythology. 

The crow can easily adapt to its surroundings and can mimic the sounds of other birds, animals and even human voices. In Native culture the crow knows the unknowable mysteries and is respected as the sacred keeper of law. The crow is the guardian of ceremonial magic and guides the healing and change in consciousness that will bring a new reality. 

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions can lead you towards or away from being connected. It is essential to connect with the energy of the Creator from within and not look for it outside of yourself. You can recognize the Creator in numerous ways such as in love, joy, sorrow, beauty, destruction, birth, death. If you are abundant in depression, anxiety and other struggles you are disconnected and moving away from the Creator. 

Every human has two choices in life, we can choose to see the destruction and everything wrong in our lives and in this world, or we can choose to see the light and goodness within and all that surrounds us. Although the crow has two eyes, it uses only one at a time. To reflect and change our perspectives we have much to learn from the crow. As the crow turns its head to gain a new perspective, at times so must we. 

Spring not only refers to the season, but it is also the idea of rebirth, rejuvenation and regrowth. When I speak of the crow as the guide towards healing and a change in consciousness I am also speaking of spiritual growth with the mindfulness of guiding your thoughts and self awareness of the universal laws. Spiritual growth to me is more than a growth mindset. To have a spiritual growth mindset is to be more intentional, more conscious, and more expansive, to view life through a more spiritually aligned lens to better determine your perception of how you view things in the world around you. The lens you choose to look through and interpret things to be either negative or positive will influence your reactions and behaviours. Our beliefs are unconsciously created by our past. The Creator gifted us with choice. Spring is a great time for some spiritual cleansing to remove those old beliefs that no longer serve us. 

The Spirit within – oil painting by Connor Sarazin

Connor Sarazin is the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Communications and Partnerships Coordinator.

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