Spirited Reflection: Live your truth

painting by Connor Sarazin
Painting by Connor Sarazin

We have dealt a lot over the last 12 months. It has turned out to be a year of rapid change, deep transformation, and a battle of the mind. Many issues and big headline stories from COVID to Trump. Friends and families isolated and segregated from each other, while our leaders are free to travel until they get caught. Record deaths across the globe, systemic racism (don’t get me started with the buffalo head guy), and industry pipelines for profit when pipes for clean water to address the water crisis across our nation can’t be laid. 

Two worlds have distinguished themselves and the different levels of consciousness are becoming evident. This is very clear to me. 

One world is powered by greed, aggression, rage, with a divide and conquer mentality. The 2nd world is empowered by divine qualities of compassion, creativity, collaboration, intuition, and receptivity. I see these two worlds pull further and further apart. 

If only for a short moment I want us to forget all of that. Tomorrow is a new moon, bringing new beginnings and a future-forward sign. 

The patriarchal paradigm is old and no longer desired by the majority. It is outdated. We saw rampant greed, unfettered capitalism, tax evasion and money laundering. In the coming months we can expect more collapse of the controlling patriarchal paradigm on various levels of government, corporations, banking, institutions etc. We also saw, the skies and waters clear of pollution. Mother Earth reclaiming her position with us. 

For us to build a better future, we must examine our past. Including our past within ourselves. Allow yourself to reflect and decide how you want to move forward. Set your stage for positive energies to align within. It is up to each and everyone one of us to choose. We choose to be victims of circumstance and complain why we do not have or get what we think we deserve. We can also choose to stand up and act for what we believe is true, in our hearts. 

The goal in life is to gain joy, happiness, confidence, and peace. In your spirit, in your emotion, in your mind and in your physical being. The only way to do that is to make the effort to grow and gain in those areas. 

It is a time for self-care and concern for the health of Mother Earth and our greater good. It is a time for self-consideration, review, and evaluation. This requires a grounded spirituality, drawn into your spiritual practice and awakened from the collective programming and other false realities.  

These few months that have passed and knowing the months that lay ahead, has resurfaced the need for healing and transmutation. Global traumas dating back in history of endless wars, genocide, racism, abuse, and the holocaust. False teachers and gurus are being revealed. Those that do not truly support the greater good will decompose. If my words are a trigger for you, this is an opportunity to heal, resolve and transmute past traumas and core wounds. The interface of the unconscious mind is staggering. Healing and de-programming mind-control, ancestral lineage, and enslavement memories to serve the greater good and not from a one-sided narrative. 

I ask that you step onto the path of self-discovery, sensitivity and setting healthy boundaries. We are baby birds just learning to fly. Without daily grounding or mental clarity, we are susceptible to the sensationalism of victim-blaming or constantly portraying ourselves as a victim and the us versus them mentality. In dissolving the ego-will and that of the rugged individualism we become a force of nature. And this all comes down to our sense of purpose. 

Our sense of purpose is something we all think about and wonder how we can fulfill it. We all want a meaningful, purposeful life and feel like we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves, that our skills are being utilized, that we are being seen and heard, that we are being honoured. 

For the longest time, I thought that everyone’s purpose was tangible, set in stone, secret to unearth each other’s lives. That if I asked the right questions and kept chipping away in my search for answers, I would ultimately discover that one purpose. 

Now I have come to believe that our purpose is ever evolving, primary intention from which we live our lives. It does not have to fit into a box or meet anyone’s standards, it is to simply align with who you truly are and what you desire. Purpose is the energy you bring to your life. If that energy is placed into the victim mentality or into a healing mentality that is the place you honour who you are in each moment. You, your life circumstances, and desires will change over time. Purpose isn’t a title but an inner desire to show up every single day as the best version of yourself. For me, it isn’t my talents, skills or my influence that gives me purpose, but rather, the feeling inside when I know I am doing things that are aligned with my soul. 

If you look at purpose from this place, it will no longer feel scary when life changes around us. Our egos will not be threatened because we are solid from the inside out. 

Purpose no longer becomes something of privilege because it lives in us all, no matter our backgrounds, our nationality or culture. With this lens purpose becomes inclusive and easily attainable, as long as we go within ourselves to find the answers we seek. 

Connor Sarazin, KAIROS Blanket Exercise Communications and Partnerships Coordinator

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