Second South-South gathering of KAIROS Women, Peace & Security partners, November 24-27

KAIROS women of courage: women, peace & security: A gathering of global partners.

From November 24-27 KAIROS Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security partners gathered virtually for the second South-South gathering of the program. During this virtual gathering, partners had the opportunity to:

  • share and reflect on their work with grassroots women peacebuilders;
  • exchange experiences and strategies on how they are responding to the pandemic; and
  • strengthen collective advocacy and solidarity.

This gathering included the following KAIROS Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security partners:

  • Organización Femenina Popular (Colombia)
  • Héritiers de la Justice (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • South Sudan Council of Churches – National Women’s Programme
  • Wi’am: Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre (West Bank)

Visual story boards

Peruse this slide presentation of the 11 story boards created during the gathering by a talented graphic artist, Adriana Contreras. They provide highlights of the exchanges had by KAIROS partners. Versions in French, Spanish and Arabic will be available at the end of January.

Stories of Courage, Stories of Change: online public event, November 26, 2020

This public event commemorated the 20th anniversary of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and coincides with the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence annual international campaign November 25 – December 10, Human Rights Day.

Partners and beneficiaries shared stories of courage and change from their experiences working for inclusive, equitable and just peace in very fragile contexts. These were followed by reflections from KAIROS members, Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian government.

In case you missed it, watch the recording.

Messages from our global partners and beneficiaries

Messages from the public to our global partners

Lynda Boyd : Wow…beautiful peacebuilding and strong women….way to go.

Sya VanGeest : Moni, Profoundly moving to hear your stories of activism.  Admire your courage.  Wish you well, Love from Canada.

Wendy Gichuru : Thank you Dominica and Moni!! And to the strong women of South Sudan.

Jennifer Henry : Thanks so much for the leadership of the South Sudan Council of Churches Women’s Program and much love and healing to Mama Agnes.

Helena Robb : What courage Moni and Dominique. I hope your efforts touch many men for change.

Leigh Kern : Love and prayers to the family and friends of Carlota Salinas.
Kathleen Lichti : This is SO hopeful to see how the voices of women are being heard and have a vehicle for speaking TRUTH.  Thank you so very much to KAIROS, to each of the speakers.

Leigh Kern : Prayers of protection to our partners on the frontlines!

Jennifer Henry : Gloria and Isabel–thank you so much for your courageous leadership and that of the whole of the OFP.  Carlota, Esperanza  presente!

Sya VanGeest : Gloria & Isabel, your work is so impressive. Thank you. Thank you. Admire your continued courage and commitment.

Jennifer Henry : Chantal and Chantal–so much appreciation for your life saving leadership and that of the whole of HJ.  

Fahed Abuakel : Thank God for the Palestinian women in the West Bank & Gaza for helping our Palestinian population to continue to struggle against the occupation for the last 53 years. Special thx to Wiam & all the volunteers helping the Palestinian people.

Jennifer Henry : Thank you so much.  Remembering our visit to Thabra at this time last year,  Such wonderful work, with deep thanks to Wi’am.

Lori Ransom : Profound thanks to the glorious women of South Sudan, Colombia, Congo, and Palestine, and the men who support them, who shared their stories so powerfully today.  You are indeed Seeds of Hope, as observed by Marie Claude.  Blessings to all in your vitally important work.

Marie Körner : Thank you so much for these stories and all this good work. Great inspiration. Greetings from Lund Sweden.

Joanne Scofield : Much gratitude to the women who are making incredible contributions to  their communities.  I’m in awe of the the courageous actions that have been taken and the life changing impacts.

Sya VanGeest : Learned so much and moved by the incredible courage and commitment.

Louise Casselman : Thanks to KAIROS for inviting the PSAC to listen in on this powerful exchange.  All the best to all the participants in their quest for justice and peace and the advance of women’s rights.

Elizabeth Stevenson : Thank you everyone for sharing your courage.

Wiam Hall : Thank you Juan for your analysis and leadership! Power to you and your continued journey!

Charles Pottie-Pate : Thank you to all the men and women who shared their stories from their lived contexts.  Much appreciated.  Let us continue to support each other in this struggle for gender equality on every level. 

Tyler Gingrich : Thank you to the speakers for sharing openly, and to the translators for making it possible for us to understand each other! Much appreciation from Winnipeg! Peace and health to everyone!

Helena Robb : Thank you for the courageous women and all who work with them.

Martha Blandon : Thanks to all women for making a different and better world!  Un fuerte abrazo companheras de la OFP  desde CASA en Toronto!

Janette McIntosh : Wonderful to be able to join you today to listen and learn from all of you – so courageous, so empowering, and so inspiring!  Grateful for our global partnerships with demonstrated local to global leadership, thank you!! Blessings to you all, in peace and in solidarity. From the traditional unceded lands of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish peoples, Vancouver, B.C.

Jane Sullivan : Thanks to all for this! An inspiration, and a goad to stay focussed on the work.

Patricia Talbot : Deep thanks and appreciation to all, for the profound and inspiring testimonies. A luta continua! We believe the spring WILL come.

Cherilyn Spraakman : This has been an inspirational way to spend my morning, seeing all these brave people on the videos, including the children in the background in DRC, very worthwhile projects.

Linda Stumpf : Thanks for the opportunity to hear these stories and for all the amazing work that you do.

David Tremblay : It’s amazing to hear of this great work that is going on. Thank you all so much for your time today and your passion for equality! Sending love to one and all!

Edward Jean : Mille merci tout le monde – from Edmonton Catholic Schools, Indigenous Learning Services.  Such powerful messages! 

Joanna Manning : This has been such an inspiring morning. Thank you to everyone.

Helen Griebeling : A big thank you to those who shared this information and their testimonies. thank you brave women!

Martha Inés Romero : From Colombia we thank for this inspiring event! This graphic is pure Theory of Change!!

Gloria Suarez : Para todas y todos mil gracias por su trabajo, y por ayudar a cambiar la vida de las mujeres, por su valentía, y su aporte a la construcción de paz en el mundo. Gracias Kairós y gobierno Canadiense, por creer en las apuestas de las mujeres y brindarnos su apoyo y fortalecer  nuestro proceso.

Julia Ovando : Thank you everyone for all your courageous and beautiful work. <3

Wiam Hall : Thank you to KAIROS Canada and its leadership!  And thank you to Colombia, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo for your inspiring stories and words!  And thank you to GAC and to all who listened to our stories.  Despite COVID-19, we still invite you to come and witness, observe, act:  There is room in the INN.  Love from Bethlehem and Palestine!

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