Sign the petition in support of Indian Day School survivors

Federal Indian Day School Survivors need your help.

A Class Action lawsuit seeks compensation for damages and abuses suffered by all Indian Day School students who were forced to attend Indian Day Schools and who were excluded from the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

The deadline to submit a claim is July 13. This is not enough time for every survivor or executor to file. Moreover, not all-day schools are included in the settlement.

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) has created a petition for Canadians to sign.

In the petition, the FSIN’s Chiefs-in-Assembly demand:

  • an extension to the deadline for filing Indian Day School claims until every survivor or executor of a deceased survivor, has had the opportunity to file their claim or indicate that they opt out of the claim; and
  • that all Day Schools left off the list be included in the settlement.

In a joint press release, the FSIN and Anishinabek Nation write: “…. the harms perpetrated against 200,000 Indigenous children at Indian Day Schools are harms on a scale Canada has never seen before, even exceeding the number of children directly harmed at Indian Residential Schools.”

Please sign the petition today, and forward this message to your network.

For more information, visit Federal Indian Day School Class Action.

Thank you for taking action!

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