Remembering John Mihevc #KAIROS20

John Mihevc
John and Kole Shettima from the Inter-Church Coalition on Africa (ICCAF).

John Dillon and John Mihevc must be remembered with special appreciation – their initiative became the spark, and their research was the anchor of so many of KAIROS’ ecumenical justice initiatives.  

Joe Gunn

In celebrating KAIROS’ 20th anniversary, my thoughts are ever woven with thoughts of my brother, John Mihevc, blessed be his memory.  John lived and breathed the ethos of KAIROS, especially in the areas of all things African and all things related to economic justice.  He spent about 20 years working for KAIROS and one of its predecessors, the Inter-Church Committee on Africa (ICCAF).  His was a journey with ecumenical and social justice-minded Canadians and with the struggling people of Africa, researching, advocating to Canadian government, in solidarity with social movements overseas.  In the process he built deep friendships in their common purpose.  KAIROS became a way of living, a way to raise a family, a way to act justly, a way to be faithful, a way to live and love.  John found hope that a better world was possible in this work, as we all find hope in the mission of KAIROS.  The memory of KAIROS is a blessing; the future of KAIROS a hopeful necessity.  With deep gratitude,  

Joe Mihevc

On behalf of our family, I want to extend warm wishes and gratitude as KAIROS celebrates its twentieth anniversary. KAIROS is a vibrant thread that is woven into our family history. For many years KAIROS was our second family as my husband John Mihevc called KAIROS his second home.  Over the years we marched, sang and celebrated together on many occasions.  Our children grew up attending demonstrations and Christmas parties always warmly welcomed by the staff. We had the privilege of meeting and welcoming many visitors into our home. With pride we watched KAIROS respond to the many challenges of shifting global justice initiatives – always incorporating a Canadian perspective. KAIROS was family – which we felt so keenly and deeply as John faced his health challenges. As our children grew and began to study in high school and later at university, they were proud to find that KAIROS resources were cited and used in the context of work with Indigenous people and the environment. We are proud to know that John’s work is part of that legacy, and that this legacy continues to grow and change. We wish KAIROS every blessing in the years to come. With fond memories and gratitude.

Rebecca Cunningham, Jesse and Sophie Mihevc.

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