Remembering Bishop Samuel Ruiz

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On January 24 Bishop Samuel of Mexico died at the age of 86. He has been described as the diminutive giant of the church in Mexico. He had been Bishop for 51 years and was Bishop of Chiapas for 40. The church has lost a great leader, an inspiration and light to many, many people. The Indigenous peoples of Chiapas have lost an advocate, a tireless defender of their rights and a friend – jTatic or Don as he was fondly known.

Bishop Samuel Ruiz

Bishop Samuel Ruiz

It has been said that his life was a gospel – stories and examples of how to follow Jesus Christ. His leadership was model for all church leaders. As we mourn his death, we need to remember the lessons from his life and the seeds of transformation he has planted. Don Samuel had a profound impact on the ecumenical, social justice and human rights communities in Canada. Ecumenical and denominational delegations travelled to Mexico and met with him, he came to Canada on a number of occasions, people throughout the network have been touched by him. In an effort to commemorate the life of Don Samuel and the impact he had on so many of us, we have begun collecting testimonies, reflections and photos from people who have been inspired by his teachings, his words and his life. These will be posted on the following blog.

Bishop Samuel Ruiz

Bishop Samuel Ruiz

If you have anything you would like to share or add including reflections, stories, letters and photos, please send them to Rachel Warden, Program Coordinator for Latin American partnerships at

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Don Samuel Ruiz – presente!

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