Polluters & Plunderers: The Roots of Africa’s Crises #KAIROSClimateAction

DAY 21 of Climate Action Month, Polluters & plunderers: Te root of Africa's Crises

On World Environment Day this year, KAIROS partner WoMin African Alliance launched the first in a series of animated short films – Polluters & Plunderers: The Roots of Africa’s Crises. This animated film tells part of the story of how rural, peasant and working-class communities across the African continent have confronted global neo-liberal capitalism from the start of colonization to the present day. This is a story of lives and livelihoods disrupted and destroyed, of environmental catastrophe caused by unfettered extractives industries, of the violence perpetrated upon Brown and Black people whose lives are consistently devalued, and of the exploitation of women’s labour of care and violence perpetrated on their bodies.  

But, it is also a story of resistance led by women and communities as they rise to defend people and nature, and put forward a different vision of Africa and their ideas for a different life for its peoples freed from plunderers and polluters. 

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